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8 Reasons to consume oatmeal

8 Reasons to consume oatmeal

Versatile and nutritious, oats combine with virtually everything. It goes well with sweet, savory dishes, yogurts, fruits. But their best pair is undoubtedly the good old cup of milk, a combination that has been in Brazilian family cookbooks for decades.

With a little milk and a few spoons of Nesfit Oats Mix, a combination of oats with four other cereals (quinoa, barley, corn and rice), it is possible to prepare a creamy and full-bodied porridge in a few seconds, which can be served cold or even warm, according to your taste.

But do not need to warm up to "thicken" or wait from overnight to overnight - the famous "overnight"? None of this. Oatmeal can now be made away from the stove, which makes cooking much easier.

In addition to all this, Nesfit Oats Mix contains no sugar and does not contain sodium, which can be prepared with fruits, seeds, nuts and other options.

Below we will show you good reasons to eat porridge in your day to day:

1 - You can prepare anywhere

For many , investing in healthy eating is synonymous with more work. With Nesfit Oats Mix this does not happen, quite the opposite: from so practical, you will have less work when preparing your snack.

Just mix two tablespoons of Nesfit Oats Mix with 100 ml of warm or cold skim milk and ready, delicious, healthy food at hand.

2 - No stove or overnight wait

When we talk about porridge, the image of a steaming bowl of water comes to mind. Oatmeal cream, made on the stove. This is a classic kind of porridge, of course, and also a bit more complicated. Or even wait for the famous "overnight" overnight to oatmeal moisturize and reach the porridge point.

Well, here's another good reason to put Nesfit Oatmeal Mix in day-to-day meals : a little milk is more than enough to straighten the mixture, turning it into a creamy porridge in a matter of seconds.

3 - Does not contain sugar

For those who need - or even want to - control their daily consumption of sugar, the porridge is such an ally. Especially Nesfit's oatmeal, which does not contain any sugar or artificial sweetener.

The great benefit of this feature is that you can customize the most sweet taste you will put in your porridge made with Nesfit Oats Mix. The tip is to bet on sweeteners with natural ingredients and more nutritious, in addition to fresh fruits.

4 - Whole Grains

The recommendation of doctors and nutritionists is clear: it is best to opt for whole grains in our food such as oats, barley, quinoa, rice, among others. These foods, rich in fiber and minerals, improve digestion, contribute to good bowel function, help control cholesterol and even contribute to weight management, just to give you an idea of ​​the many benefits of whole grains. The problem is that people do not usually vary the types of whole grains consumed on a day to day basis. The good news is that Nesfit Oats Mix manages to put it together in one meal. The food consists of whole grains important for health, such as oat flakes, barley flour, quinoa flour and oatmeal. Other nutritious grains also enter this mix, such as rice and corn flours, enriched with iron and folic acid. And to ensure the quality of the food, as with all Nesfit products, you can check the Cereal Integral Ingredient # 1 certification on the packaging, which shows that the main ingredient of the product is integral.

5 - Spontaneous bowel

A slow, sluggish gut is capable of killing anyone's day. The secret to combating constipation and dryness, though, is quite simple to put into practice. The proper functioning of the intestine is all about consumption of food source fibers such as oats, for example, since whole food is rich in dietary fiber. In contact with water, they create a kind of gel that facilitates intestinal transit, decreasing constipation and that feeling of being "bloated" all the time.

6 - Appetite in the right measure

Have you ever had Do you think you eat reasonably well and still feel hungry? This is what happens when we ingest simple carbohydrates, such as white flour, which are absorbed quickly through the intestine. In the case of oats, the opposite occurs. The food has soluble fibers that form a viscous gel in the stomach and intestine and slow the digestion of refined cereals, avoiding excessive hunger in the next meals.

As explained above, the fibers take advantage of the body's water and form a kind of gel that will coat the walls of the stomach and intestine, slowing gastric emptying and prolonging satiety. In other words, you feel less hungry for longer, avoiding snacking traps with snacks and high calorie snacks throughout the day.

7 - To get well with life

In addition to good health, oats also take care of our emotional well-being. Being a source of protein, the whole cereal contains tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin.

For the tryptophan to become serotonin, the body needs to be in balance with some specific nutrients, such as magnesium, which can be found in oats and barley, another outstanding integral ingredient of Nesfit Oats Mix. It is a full plate against the negative vibrations, you can believe.

8 - Cholesterol under control

The great prominence of whole grains, in general, is in the dietary fibers present in each one of them. Oats, for example, have a specific type of fiber - beta-glucans. In the stomach and small intestine, they become a kind of gel that alters the absorption of cholesterol by the body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the beta-glucan fibers also go through a fermentation process in the body. small intestine, releasing short chain fatty acids that reduce the synthesis of lipids by the liver. Combined with fruits, seeds and vegetables, oats become an important ally of the heart and healthy blood cholesterol levels.

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