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8 Situations where you should wear sunscreen - and do not always use

8 Situations where you should wear sunscreen - and do not always use

Many people associate the sunscreen application only when they are reportedly sunbathing - on the beach or around a swimming pool, for example.

"In a number of official surveys from time to time, it can be seen that 70% to 80% of patients in dermatological offices do not use the product daily, even with the doctor's advice ", says dermatologist Giselle Sanches. dermatologist Tathya Taranto: "Regular use of sunscreen reduces the chances of skin cancer and prevents sunburn, blemishes and premature aging of the skin. It has been proven that unprotected sun exposure is primarily responsible for both type melanoma and carcinoma type. "

The experts talk about eight situations in which sunscreen use is usually left out, but should not.

Before parting r for them, a warning from Giselle: "All the tips are valid for adults and for children. Incredibly, many parents forget that children also need sunblock for as long as possible. They do not want to interrupt the play and end up exposing the health of the little ones unnecessarily. "

1. At work

Because it is a closed environment, the office is seen as a place where the skin is already naturally protected. it's like that. "Solar radiation passes through the glass, which filters very little UVA and UVB rays. Gathering the sun in this way puts the skin at risk as much as if the person were outdoors, "Giselle says.

The dermatologist adds that artificial light also damages the skin, although it does not cause any type of cancer. incandescent, white or LED emit visible light, which is associated with the appearance of melanoses, skin blemishes. The sunscreen prevents the skin from being damaged by this light. "

2. On cloudy days

On the beach, at the pool or at work, the use of sunscreen is not dispensed with when the sun is hidden behind the clouds They provide the same protection as glass in relation to UVA and UVB rays, which means practically none.

According to Tathya, "Even where we can not see the sun, it is there, and the radiation continues to surface. causing the same damage to the skin. "

3. On days of dampness

From small we hear of the older ones that burns, burns even, whether on the beach, in the country or in the city." UVA and UVB rays they reach us in this kind of climate, through the heat and reflection of these solar radiations on the surfaces, "says Tathya.

4. Under the shade of the umbrella

The shadow of the umbrella deceives in the same way that the cloudy days: because there is no sun open on the body, many think they are immune to the sun's rays - of course, are not. "On the beach, radiation comes from the top down, which is the natural way of the sun, and from the bottom up because the sand works as a reflector of the sun. The pool water and the clear floor of the clubs act like sand in the direction of reflection of UVA and UVB rays, "explains Giselle.

5. At home

Self-employed professionals or those responsible for caring for the home or They also need to protect themselves from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and their case is a mix of what happens to those in the office and with whom they are outdoors.

Giselle illustrates the situation: "While indoors there is always exposure to some artificial light or to radiation coming in through the glass. When you need to go to the yard or the porch, for example, the skin is under the sun. Protection is required for all reasons. "

6. In activities in nature

Hiking on trails are considered as harmless to the skin by many of its practitioners because of the broad shadows along the way. As previously stated, shadows are far from meaning protection against UVA and UVB rays.

"Excessive sweating causes the skin to be redoubted, and the skin is exposed to burns, spots, premature aging and skin cancer. , inclusive, the ideal is to use barrier measures such as hats, long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses, in addition to sunscreen, "notes Tathya.

7. Swimming in the open

Being under water most of the time does not protect and skin from the sun's rays. Therefore, whoever swims in the sea or in outdoor pools needs, and much, to surround themselves with care. For these people, Giselle recommends the use of special products for swimmers.

"There are specific sunscreens for these situations, which bear on their labels such expressions as 'water resistant', 'water resistant' or 'waterproof', as well as clothes with a Sun Protection Factor (FPS). It is worth investing in them to protect themselves, "he says.

8. In a car trip during the day

Every car has glasses, and for them, it is no longer new, they pass the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. There is no position inside a car that is immune to their incidence.

"Not to mention that driving or being a passenger without sunscreen leaves the body unequally burned.Whoever drives the left arm roasted, whoever is right next to him, he ends up with his right arm like that, it's dangerous to health and not at all aesthetically pleasing, "says Giselle.

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