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8 Steps to having a healthy relationship

8 Steps to having a healthy relationship

We all know that there is no secret formula for maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship, because each person has different characteristics. However, small day-to-day attitudes can make a big difference and transform your relationship. Check it out:

1. Talk about what you're feeling

Honesty is essential in a relationship, as it shows the respect you have for your neighbor. So if something in your partner bothers you, try to talk and find a solution to the problem.

"Conversation is imperative, whether in the exchange of everyday affairs or in fact a problem between the couple, but it is not necessary to share everything. people have the habit of thinking they already know everything about their partner, but people change over time, so the conversation helps keep this knowledge of the next one, "commented Rita Calegari, a psychologist at the São Camilo Hospital Network in São Paulo.

2. Do Things Back at the Beginning of the Relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, individuals tend to please the partner more to strengthen the relationship. However, after some time the couple the couple ends up getting more lazy. Flowers, rides, and maddening desire begin to linger in the past.

But make no mistake, it is possible to rekindle the flame between you.

"It is important to remember that the couple should not be stuck in the past, going to the same places and doing the same programs. People change and because of this it is necessary to repaginate the relationship as well. Moreover, the partner should not submit to doing things that he does not like, "said the psychologist. Do not Keep Hurts

It is not enough for you to keep communication if your hurt continues to be kept. This kind of resentment can affect the relationship over the years. Then, if something hurt you in a fight, you should externalize it at once.

"Affection can be detrimental to health, having more negative consequences for those who feel." This feeling directly affects the relationship and the way the person In this case the best remedy is forgiveness, "said Rita Calegari

4. Meet your partner

What is your favorite food? What will you do in your free time? What is your musical style? These are just a few questions that everyone has already asked at the beginning of a relationship and, believe me, they are essential to building a healthy relationship.

According to psychologist Rita Calegari, knowing the likes and whims of your love can help to maintain a stable relationship. "Coexistence offers this intimacy and knowledge, so it is possible to know the interests of others. When you do not know the things your partner likes, it may end up happening a distance," he commented. Set aside time alone for dating

Among the responsibilities with work, home, children or studies finding a time for the couple becomes a very difficult task. One must avoid this distancing, since it can damage the relationship. To solve this problem, it is ideal for people to schedule a day on a weekly or monthly basis so they can talk or enjoy one moment at a time.

"In a relationship it is necessary for the couple to have a moment alone, so they can talk about situations that are not well resolved or just relax.This moment is fundamental to the health of the relationship, and the periodicity for this opportunity varies greatly from individual to individual, "said the psychologist.6. Learn to understand and listen even without agreeing

In day-to-day discussions or conversations it is important to be flexible and listen to others. You may not even agree with what is being said, but being aware of the other's opinion helps to make the relationship firmer.

"It shows that both are in a mature relationship. , to like and respect, "he said.

7. Praise your partner

Learn to value your partner in small actions of everyday life, show him how grateful you are for having him in your life or how you love him when he does something for you. Everyone likes to be recognized and praised. The lack of such recognition may end up shaking the relationship.

8. Do not fall into the rut

Self-indulgence and routine can wipe out any relationship. It is in small actions, such as a dinner or a gift, that a relationship can become lighter.

"It is important to invest in the quality of the relationship with transparency, affection, loyalty, respect and affection, since they serve as a pillar for a good relationship", revealed the psychologist.

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