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8 Strange ways to lose weight (which science proves)

8 Strange ways to lose weight (which science proves)

If you've tried everything to lose weight, how about trying a different strategy? You can stop running away from that horrifying horror movie and harness its power to slim down. That's right, see below because horror movies and other very unusual things can help with weight loss.

1. Tequila

A study published by the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Mexico found that tequila can aid in weight loss and control of sugar levels. The discovery, in fact, highlights that agave, a type of sugar present in fruits and which is also used for the production of tequila. This, of course, with much moderation for the effect will not be contrary. Learn how drink helps weight loss.

2. Horror movies

Losing weight can be a lot easier than we imagined. Research conducted by Nottingham Trent University, in partnership with Coventry University, both in the UK, revealed that watching horror movies can help with weight loss and boosting body immunity. Understand how this works.

3. Pausing the Diet

Long diets with multiple food restrictions and decreased calorie intake are quite common. But researchers at the University of Tasmania in Australia say that taking two-week breaks in the middle of a diet can be the key to eliminating those extra pounds. Learn why.

4. Cleaning Is the laziness putting an end to all the chances of working out in the gym? You do not have to be in despair, you know that domestic activities, besides leaving everything shining, can also do a damn good for the body. Understand here.

5. Drinking Wine

Wine is rich in antioxidants and its moderate consumption can bring benefits to the heart, libido and even diet. According to a survey conducted by Washington State University in the United States, drinking wine before bedtime can aid in weight loss while sleeping. Always remember: in moderation. Learn why this happens.

6. Leaving the house without dust

Habits like poor diet or lack of physical activity are some of the factors that trigger obesity. However, researchers have found that some common pollutants, such as dust, can also contribute to the accumulation of fats. Calm down, understand everything here.

7. Being in love

Passion is good too for many reasons. You wake up and go to sleep thinking about the person. But a study by Harvard Medical School and published in the journal Obesity found that being in love also helps to lose weight. As well? See the scientific explanation here.

8. Eating beans every day

A survey by St. Michael's Hospital in Canada found that eating legumes, such as beans, daily can contribute to weight loss. The research was led by researcher Russell de Souza of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. Learn how this happens.

Palpitation may be a sign of cardiac arrhythmia

Palpitation may be a sign of cardiac arrhythmia

The heart beats about 80 times in a minute and no one notices. When the rhythm becomes irregular - too fast or too slow - one often feels something different in the chest. The most common report is palpitations. Sometimes the chest "accelerates", sometimes slows down. Sometimes he jumps. Sometimes it feels like there's someone blowing air bubbles inside a glass on my chest.


Consumption of energy drinks can harm children

Consumption of energy drinks can harm children

According to the doctors who conducted the research, these drinks are especially dangerous for children because of the large amount of caffeine and other stimulants they contain. In addition to energy drinks, isotonics or sports drinks can also harm children and their consumption should be avoided.