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8 Things that happen to your body when you stop sex

8 Things that happen to your body when you stop sex

The benefits of sex go beyond the sensations of pleasure and well being and are essential for health as well. However, with an intense routine of work, studies and commitments, the sexual relationship may end up being left behind. What few people know is that the absence of sex can affect people, physically and emotionally, without them being aware of it.

Check out some of the harm that sexual abstention can bring to the body:

1- Leaves the immune system more vulnerable

"The practice of sexual intercourse contributes to the stimulation of the immune system, reducing the risks of the individual catching the flu or colds, so stopping sex increases the risk of contracting infections," said gynecologist Flavia Nogueira According to researchers at Wilkes-Barre University in the United States, people who have sex once or twice a week achieve a 30 percent increase in immunoglobulin A (IgA), a substance that

2- Increases headaches

A study by scientists at the University of Münster in Germany has revealed that sex can be the analgesic a natural remedy for headache, which can relieve migraine and cluster headache, the strongest type of headache. Of the 400 interviewees surveyed, 60% of migraine patients and 36% of those with headache felt better after intercourse.

"The absence of sex on a daily basis can make you more tired and increase your pain "Having sex often increases the production of endorphin and oxytocin, hormones that help prevent the onset of headaches."

3- Reduces flexibility

If you are experiencing a lot of pain in the body or difficulties in performing daily tasks, there may be a simple explanation: lack of sex. "The more a person has sex, the healthier their body will be." The sexual relationship provides a relaxation of the muscles, increasing flexibility, so it is common to feel pain in the body when you have sex again, "said Dr. Flavia Leoni.

4 - Increases anxiety and stress

According to a study conducted by the University of Western Scotland, the absence of sex can increase blood pressure and may be related to stress. During the research, volunteers kept a diary of sexual activity for two weeks. Their pressure was also monitored at different times of the day. The study showed that while having sex, blood pressure decreased. However, the absence ends up increasing the problem. The explanation is that the production of calming hormones increases greatly during the relationship, influencing the pressure positively.

5- Decreases self-esteem

According to gynecologist Flávia Nogueira de Leoni, not having sex causes a decline in the couple's happiness: "If the person has a fixed relationship, just because he does not have sex with his partner can affect his self-esteem." The man then questions his masculinity and the woman thinks his partner may be cheating. " In addition, sexual abstinence results in changes in mood, which can lead the individual to a depressive mood, as he begins to question if there is any problem with himself.

6 - Worse sleep quality

You already noticed that after sex many people have the habit of sleeping, this is not only related to the tiredness of the moment. "During orgasm our body releases endorphin and oxytocin, substances that cause feelings of well-being and result in deeper sleep," the gynecologist commented. For specialists, this is the only physical activity you can do before bedtime.

7 - Reduce woman's lubrication

Stop sex can completely affect a person's hormones and body "When a person stops having sex, his or her libido is also affected. However, the libido is related to lubrication and excitement. For this reason, being unrelated for a long time can lead to pain or difficulty re-engaging in sexual intercourse, both in the case of women and men ", the gynecologist concluded.

8 - Leaves hair and skin less shiny

This is a very common and remarkable problem for women. As previously stated, lack of sex can decrease self-esteem, so some people fail to take care of beauty. However, hormones released during sex help in the production of nutrients, such as collagen, which are essential for maintaining skin's radiance and elasticity.

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