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8 Things that only those who fight the scales know

8 Things that only those who fight the scales know

Losing weight is a journey full of challenges and trials. Many times you may feel discouraged, but know that you are not alone. That's why we are looking for discussion groups which are the biggest dramas and difficulties encountered in the daily life of those who are looking to lose weight:

1. The weekend is a big nightmare

Always (on a diet) there is a party or meeting of friends over the weekend with many delicious foods and drinks. Therefore, redouble your self-control on these occasions and do not let food determine whether or not you are going to have a good time.

2. And Monday is the real day of attack

Throw the first stone who never woke up desperate on Monday remembering the ravages of the weekend. On that day, you gather all your strength to do nothing wrong in the diet. Missing in the gym? Never, on Monday the training is sacred.

3. The desire to 'compensate' is almost unmanageable

He fought with his partner, had a bad day at work, went bad on the race. Many adversities arise daily, but you can find alternative ways to compensate yourself without throwing yourself at the food (bye, chocolate bar). A relaxing bath, a massage, a good movie or even a healthy treat can fill the bill.

4. The brain can be too quick to find excuses

just like that bad day brings a crazy urge to eat bullshit, it also carries along great laziness to work out. But it is important to stay focused on your goal. That way, you strengthen your good habits more and teach your body that it will not be so easy to sabotage your healthy life project.

5. The first few weeks of the diet are very difficult.

The first few days are full of excitement, but by the time you complete the first week of your diet, it's getting difficult to stay on the line. Hold on a little longer, your body needs to get accustomed and absorb the new habits. Have patience, then everything will be calmer.

6. It's hard to ignore negative opinions and comments. "You're very annoying," "enough of a diet and gym talk," "are you sure you can eat that?" There are countless guesses and opinions during the weight loss process. Learn to relive and understand that the most important people will be able to stand by you at any time.

7. Trying to tread the same path as another person can be disappointing

Do you know that incredible before and after that you've seen? The person was almost as heavy as you and in a month was totally transformed. See stories of overcoming is very motivating, but also generates a great expectation, which may be accompanied by disappointment. Always remember: Each body works one way. Focus on you.

8. Hunger after workout is scary

It is true that after working out, it makes you want to eat everything as if there were tomorrow. At such times, it is even more important to bet on good foods, which will replenish the energy of the body and help in muscle recovery. You will not want to throw all your effort away, right?

Red meat consumption does not increase the chances of diabetes

Red meat consumption does not increase the chances of diabetes

The study also showed that processed meats such as salami and mortadella were considered to be more harmful, since 50 grams of sausage per day can raise the chances of diabetes by 51%. Reading the research report is also possible to find information that replaces the daily portion of meat with "lean" and even whole grains reduces the risk of disease.


Recipe: thermogenic cappuccino

Recipe: thermogenic cappuccino

Mix the coffee, sugar and hot water until it forms a lather. Heat the milk and mix with the cocoa and cinnamon. Add to the coffee and then serve Information Yield: 1 serving Calories per serving: 88 kcal Credit This recipe has been provided by nutritionist Clarissa Fujiwara, Member of the Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (ABESO) and the American Society for Nutrition (ASN)