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8 Things women mean about oral sex

8 Things women mean about oral sex

For some it is synonymous with foreplay. For others it is the icing on the cake in a sexual relationship. But the most important thing is the fact that it is a very pleasurable time for the couple.

According to research conducted by the State University of New York in the United States, oral sex in women is good for the health of who receives and who does.

We ask in some Facebook groups: "What do women mean about oral sex but do they fail to do it?" Check out what they said:

1. Oral Sex Gives Me More Than Than Penetration

The female orgasm can have several origins, so you need to find the area that gives it the most pleasure. According to research conducted by the University of Michigan, only 8% of women can achieve orgasm with vaginal penetration alone.

2. I like to do it with my partner, but I do not want to get short.

At the time of the sexual act, you have to find out the preferences of the next one, so talk to your partner so that they can find their rhythm together. However, there are those who think backwards: "I love to receive, but I do not like to do"

The same goes for the reverse, if you want to have a healthy relationship you have to be honest with your partner. Try to come to terms based on preferences, remembering that sex should bring pleasure to both.

4. Making 69 is a delight

Some sexual positions can help the couple get out of the rut and spice up the relationship. In this position, both are being stimulated at the same time, making the moment even better.

5. If you're going to suck on for two minutes ... Do not suck!

Many women can delay orgasm, so when performing oral sex the partner should persist and give her maximum pleasure. Remember: dedication is essential for good sex.

6. Follow my groan. More groaning means continue!

Groans are characteristic in pleasurable situations, and for many people they mean that everything is happening (MUCH) well.

7. If the man does not know how to stimulate the clitoris, I already know that sex will be bad.

The clitoris is a small cylindrical and erectile organ, located in the anterior part of the vulva, being one of the main points of sexual pleasure in women. Therefore, it is very important to know how to stimulate this region, much force can end up hurting and few touches will not give pleasure to woman. Use your fingers, they are excellent partners of oral sex.

If you want to make this act even more pleasurable for your partner, learn to use your fingers. They helped stimulate other regions, such as the vaginal canal and the U-point, bringing the woman to the apex quickly.

Lack of motivation may be related to depression and other problems

Lack of motivation may be related to depression and other problems

Motivation is when you have a reason to take action. Do you know anyone who seems discouraged, who is half in inertia? Someone who even knows they have to do something, but does not? Who walks in his eyes without a shine, and what knows best is to shrug and answer so much? Yes, and sometimes this person is so close that we see him as we look in the mirror.


Poor memory can be caused by poor sleep quality

Poor memory can be caused by poor sleep quality

People who get a good night's sleep better remember the information observed during the day than those who spend long periods without sleep, says a study by the University of Lubeck in Germany. Research suggests that the brain can sift through everything that has been absorbed during the day, retaining what is most important while we sleep.