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8 Types of toxic people who are hard to live with

8 Types of toxic people who are hard to live with

Every person has his unique way of being and it makes life so much more interesting. However, whether at home, at work, or at school, there are toxic people who can actually affect the psychological and spoil the day to day lives of those who live with them. "At work you may have a boss or a colleague who is In the family, there are toxic parents or family members, who are always saying that the person is not good enough, that she needs to be better, that she is always criticizing, and that she is always criticizing and discouraging. In loving relationships or friendship, we also have this type of problem, with people who are only interested in each other, who are always willing to pass the leg in the next and wanting the bad, "says psychologist Milena Lhano.

Identifying the toxic people present in our lives may not be such an easy task, so we must be aware of the signs, how to feel idled or suffocated by someone. The best way to prevent and avoid conflict with these people is to try to get away, but we know that this is not always possible. So it is important to create awareness that this person does not do you good, trying to depend less and less on it.

To help you identify if there is such a person in the environments that coexist, My Life has classified some signs to recognize a person toxic in your life. Check it out:

1. Envy

This type of person is never happy with what they have and is not happy when something good happens to you. The envious people believe that good things can only happen to them. "Envy is a very toxic profile. The first step is to be aware that you are envious and try to have a more superficial relationship with them," says the psychologist. Fofoqueiros

Everyone had that neighbor who lived wanting to know about the lives of others and whenever he had the opportunity told a story of someone to the whole neighborhood. Gossipers can completely destroy someone's self-esteem, and so the best way to deal with them is to stop sharing stories.

"Some people of this personality are disguised, so it's no use talking about them being gossipy because they're going to to swear to death that they do not do it.The best way to deal with these people is to preserve themselves, not to share very intimate things.Acknowledging that person is not so difficult, because if she speaks to everyone for you, she probably talks about you too for others, "says Milena.

3. Two faces (false person)

A false person is one who acts only as a friend when comfortable, but if you need her help, you probably will not. This is the kind of person in front of you who is full of love, and when you are not, he will speak ill of you.

"A false person is hard to recognize because they can play very well. This is also a very difficult profile to unravel, as they can feel so it's important not to get into their game.There are people with these profiles that we can not afford to live with, so we should look for other qualities of the person and try to defend ourselves, "says the psychologist. Victims

People who become victims are never able to make their own mistakes, they must always find someone to take the blame for them. "The victim is a person who passes a false image of being weak when in fact he is a very strong person." The best posture to deal with this profile is to never feed the behavior or value it in the person, "comments Milena.5. Arrogant

There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance, arrogant people feel superior and are always intimidating others. According to the psychologist, to deal with the arrogant one must have self-esteem and be aware of his qualities, because he will always try to diminish you.

6. Controllers

Controlling people believe they know everything, but behind it are super insecure. "A controlling person is usually very safe and trying to show control with this profile may not be the best alternative either, so try not to get into that control," says the psychologist. Negatives

Do you know that person who lives in irritation, can never see anything good in life and is resentful of everything? So this kind of profile can greatly affect someone's life, since nothing seems to work for her. According to the psychologist it is important not to be contaminated by the bad vibration of it.

8. Egocentric

For the egocentric it seems that the whole world revolves around them, they are always wanting to be the best at all. "With an egocentric person you can not create much expectation or want to receive something in return." The self-centered person can not see the other, thinks only of himself.

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