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9 Myths and truths that your dentist would like you to know

9 Myths and truths that your dentist would like you to know

To make teeth perfect and healthy many people end up following tips that come up on the internet or advice from family members, but this information is not always correct, so follow-up with the dentist is essential for

To help people take better care of their teeth, see the following myths and truths about the topic:

Health of teeth and gums influences general health

TRUTH - And vice versa as well: general health also influences the health of your mouth. For example, a source of infection of a tooth can cause endocarditis (inflammation of the heart), and in more severe cases a septicemia (severe infection in the blood). Another example is: diabetes when decompensated can cause gingivitis, periodontitis with bone loss and loss of teeth

Flossing causes gums to bleed

Myth - If the gums bleed when flossing, it means that it is inflamed. The main cause of inflammation of the gum is the plaque of bacteria that forms continuously on the teeth. So if the gums bleed you need to look for a dentist to solve this problem. It may be necessary only to review the technique of brushing, to remove a tartar or a periodontal treatment.

Orthodontic appliance can cause bone loss and loss of teeth

TRUTH - The teeth are moved by reabsorption and new formation bone. If movement is not planned correctly, bone resorption may occur larger than desired. That is why it is important to get treatment with a qualified professional. Orthodontic device of "adornment" placed by unfit people brings serious and often irreversible consequences

Kiss transmits caries

PARTIALLY TRUTH - It is not exactly the caries that is transmitted, but the bacteria responsible for caries. The caries, to happen, depends on some factors: tooth constitution, diet, hygiene, specific bacteria, pH of the saliva.

Flossing "starts" restoration

MYTH - If the restoration left with the use of dental floss is because it was already loose, broken or with a very large infiltration. Whatever the reason, this restoration was in terrible condition and should no longer be in the mouth. Further restoration is required under more appropriate conditions. And another thing to keep in mind: when the floss breaks or breaks, it means that something in the contact between the teeth is not well. It can be a caries, a rough or overworked restoration. In this case it is also important to look for a dentist to solve this problem.

Not everything on the internet is real

TRUTH - Youtubers go out of their way to win audiences and sponsors. It is not difficult to manipulate images and there is no control over what is spoken. There are a number of stories sold on the internet and YouTube that do not work like:

  • Removing tartar with bicarbonate in 5 minutes: it's a lie
  • Home remedy for toothache with royal powder does not work, it's a lie
  • Recipes to eliminate bad breath, with various rinses (without removing the cause, such as plaque, tartar, caries and infection spots) only perfumes, it would be like using deodorant and not taking a shower.

If I chew on one side only, I should force chewing on the other

MYTH - Bilateral mastication is automatic, just like walking with both legs. Preferring to chew on one side only means that something is preventing chewing on the other side. It can be a sensitive tooth, a high restoration, missing a tooth, a tooth in poor position ... You need to remove the cause so you can chew it properly. Unilateral chewing for a long time can cause problems, even the asymmetry of the face.

Bad breath is always a stomach problem

PARTIALLY TRUE - It may be a stomach problem, but the problem is mostly in the mouth: bacterial plaque, inflammation of the gums, caries, infection outbreaks, language.

Dentist is expensive

MYTH - A job considered expensive, for example, is an aesthetic crown, a complex procedure that needs to be a well-qualified professional, but lasts many years, in some cases more than 10 years. A restoration, which is a simpler and faster treatment, also lasts many years. Cleaning, which must be done at least once a year, is essential if the health of the mouth is to be maintained into old age, so that very small problems do not evolve and thus longer treatments are avoided.

Comparing the values ​​of these treatments with other aesthetic treatments, highly consumed, that last from a week to a month, is it expensive? Restoring a tooth is not the same as buying a product ready to replace it. Restore means, bring back as close as possible to the shape and especially the function of natural teeth. Cloning is the great challenge for the future, but today it is still not possible to completely return what has been lost. That is why it is important to conserve and maintain the health of the mouth. Preventing is the simplest and cheapest way to keep the best assets your smile can have, which are the teeth that nature gave.

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