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9 Pancake recipes for you to make at home

9 Pancake recipes for you to make at home

Anyone who favors functional food knows that sweet potatoes are a widely used ingredient in this type of diet. A good option is used to make pancakes. Here's how to make a sweet potato pancake

Broccoli Pancake

Broccoli is a source of folic acid, antioxidants, fiber, calcium and vitamins A and C. It is also a good filling option for pancake. Here's how to prepare a broccoli pancake

Flourless Chicken Pancake

Learn how to make a delicious pancake recipe without flour. This recipe is from the culinaryist Malu Lobo from the site Nutra Health in the Kitchen.

Light oat bran pancake

This light oat bran pancake batter option is simple to make and full of nutrients. For an idea, oat bran helps regulate the bowel, increase immunity and help prevent diabetes.

Pancake Safflower Oil

This is another nutritious pancake option. Safflower oil is rich in omega 6, essential fatty acid that the body needs, but does not produce, and omega 9, important for brain function, growth and development. Here's how to make this delicious safflower pancake recipe.

Banana Pancake

This recipe was provided by nutritionist Clarissa Fujiwara, a member of the Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (ABESO) and American Society for Nutrition (ASN). Check out how to prepare a banana pancake.

Beet pancake

Anyone who has kids at home can enjoy the beet pancake recipe to provide fun and nutritious food for the little ones. Here's how to prepare a delicious beet pancake.

Sweet chian pancake

To help quench the urge to eat sweet, chia pancake is a great choice. The ingredient, in addition to being rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, protein and other nutrients, is also capable of favoring weight loss.

Meet the Harvard Food Pyramid

Meet the Harvard Food Pyramid

Although the Brazilian population believes that it feeds well, our menu is very poor in vitamins and minerals. According to USP and Unifesp, Brazilians suffer from the so-called hidden hunger, which is a non-apparent nutritional deficiency of one or more nutrients in our body - that is, there are no very clear symptoms for this deficiency, but this may reflect on various diseases over time.


Consuming fiber supplements without taking a diet does not help you lose weight

Consuming fiber supplements without taking a diet does not help you lose weight

Dietary fiber looks like one of those little cures that heals all the ills of the world, a holy remedy! Fiber to improve the bowel, fiber to lower blood sugar, fiber to lower cholesterol, fiber to help lose weight ... But will the fibers be so powerful? Much is researched how much the changing food pattern has influenced the advance of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes in the world.