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9 Products to hydrate the body in the bath

9 Products to hydrate the body in the bath

Moisturizing deodorant for NIVEA Milk bath a new, practical and pleasant way to moisturize your skin already in the bath, for a sensation of soft and silky skin. Its unique formula is quickly absorbed by wet skin. Buy it here

2. Natura's Moisturizing Bath Moisturizer

Natura's Moisturizing Bath Moisturizer - photo: Disclosure / Natura

Designed to facilitate the daily nourishment of the skin, offering ENHANCEMENT AND NUTRITION with immediate hydration. Leaving skin soft to touch and beautiful to see. Get it now

3. Davene

Bath Oil Davene - Photo: Disclosure / Netfarma

The product consists of rose petal extract and almond oil, which provides a velvety touch to the skin and prolong the hydration for much longer . When mixed, the two phases act as a protective film, maintaining the skin's natural moisture, improving its elasticity. See!

4. Romantic Oil Passion Bath Oil

Romantic Passion Bath Oil - photo: Disclosure / Ikesaki

The Irresistible Passion Almond Oil will leave your skin soft and fragrant, with the delicate fragrance of almonds. In addition it moisturizes and removes the dryness of your skin, making it more cared for and completely beautiful. Buy here.

5. Nivea Lotion Moisturizing Body Lotion Nivea Lotion Bath Moisturizing Lotion Nivea Lotion Bath Lotion - photo: Divulgative / Nivea

Nivea Lotion Express Moisturizing Lotion has unique formula that is best absorbed by wet skin. After application it is advisable to let the product act on the skin for a few seconds and rinse gently. Its use lacks the application of lotion. Get it now!

6. CARAMELITO bath moisturizer of Boticário

CARAMELITO bath moisturizer of Boticário - photo: Divulgação / Boticário

Perfect to overcome the laziness, the bath moisturizer is super easy to use: passed, rinsed and ready! With hydration of up to 24 hours, the bath moisturizer forms a film on the skin leaving it moisturized and soft. See,

7. Magic Oil Bath Oil

Magic Oil Bath Oil - photo: Disclosure

This bath oil helps to gently cleanse, moisturize the skin and still leaves a very good perfume, all at once! Buy it here

8. L'Occitane Mandacaru Bath Moisturizer

L'Occitane Mandacaru Bath Moisturizer - photo: Divulga / L'Occitane

This moisturizer with a rich and consistent texture was specially developed for bath application, providing immediate hydration for the skin, which continues for up to 8 hours after application. The product needs rinsing. Get it now

9. Moisturizing Bath Monange Lotion

Monange Lotion Bath Moisturizer - photo: disclosure / Monange

The product moisturizes your skin for 24 hours and still leaves your body feeling refreshed. It fits all skin types, nourishing and revitalizing up to the 2nd layer with its new macadamia oil formula. See!

Daily care makes skin aging

Daily care makes skin aging

Over the years, the skin, like all other organs in the body, changes and grows old. Among the changes, there is the loss of elasticity and luminosity, besides appearing wrinkles and sagging. But it is not just the chronological aging that makes the appearance of the skin change over the years. External factors such as stress, smoking and, most importantly, solar radiation, influence and accelerate the aging of the skin, causing the appearance of the skin to be changed sooner with the appearance of spots, peaks, harshness, wrinkles and other signs of early aging.


Learn to leave fortified hair

Learn to leave fortified hair

One, two, three months have passed and you have already accepted the fact that your hair does not grow at the same speed as your friend's. Not to mention those strands that insist on mopping, showing how the hair is brittle and damaged. But paying attention to the food you eat and a visit to the hairdresser can make a difference.