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9 Recipes that do not look healthy but are

9 Recipes that do not look healthy but are

You work hard, I work hard, we work hard , but have moments that do not feel like dieting. The salad is tasteless, the vegetables are bland and even that fruit that has always been the favorite loses its charm. The end result for this story we already know: send the diet to the sidelines and surrender to fatty foods, such as wafer, ice cream, thigh, lasagne. The list is vast.

Science has an explanation for the fact that fatty foods are so good. What happens is that our brain reward system that establishes feelings like wellness, comfort, pleasure and satiety is stimulated when it receives large amounts of dopamine. And it is precisely the foods known as fatty and sugary that stimulate a greater amount of dopamine in our body. That's why we're happier when we put our foot in the jackfruit.

But, on the other hand, when we take a break from the diet, we can end up losing control and damaging our food and ruining our habits. what do you do to not avacalhar from time to time with the diet, but do not stop eating the things we like? The answer to this dilemma is: choosing the right ingredients. Yes, go for it, I assure you that it is possible to eat real delicious food made with healthy ingredients. And do not think it's those expensive, fresh ingredients we see around. Below you will find a list of cheap and unhealthy recipes, but they are.

Chocolate Cookie

Imagine the following scene: a chocolate cookie stuffed with jelly and topped with chocolate icing. A delight, huh? Now, imagine the same recipe made with healthy ingredients. Curious? Check here how to prepare this recipe


You know that cookie that when you bite you feel that crunch and then that little chocolate melting in your mouth? So there is a functional version of it, which can even be made in the microwave. Take a look at how to prepare this recipe here:


The traditional popcorn corn and the fit popcorn is the same. However, the way of preparation, makes all the difference. This version can be prepared in the paper package and does not require oil. Here we teach you how to prepare.


Even the chips can have their healthy version. And do not think they leave something to be desired in taste. If you want to know more about this recipe, take a look at how to prepare it here:


Eta fry good. That feeling of biting the thigh and feeling the taste of cream cheese is practically a paradise. If it's hot then, do not mention it. But not everything needs to be caloric and greasy. We have a fit version of one of the hottest foods out there. Here's how to prepare.


Do you know that lasagna to Bolognese, with plenty of tomato sauce, that fear that barely fits in the fork and a scent that can not even describe? So you can eat this lasagna without getting heavy on your conscience. Check here

Ice cream

The creamy taste of pasta ice cream is not unique to fat and calorie-laden recipes. This recipe can be made with ingredients that you have at home in a few minutes. Here's how to prepare


Ordering a pizza for dinner is a common habit in our food. The problem is that you can not always eat only a little bit. Since it is difficult to control the desire to repeat, a good option is to choose a light pizza. Next we teach you how to make one.


That the brigadier is a delicious dessert we know. But is it possible to have a healthy version of the candy? Yes, you do. Below you find a recipe that even Bruna Marquezine tried and enjoyed. Check it out here.

Vitamin E can prevent cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer

Vitamin E can prevent cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer

Vitamin E is liposoluble and has as its main function in the body its strong antioxidant action. Some studies point out that precisely because of its strong antioxidant action, vitamin E can provide benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, preventing prostate cancer, degeneration macular degeneration, Alzheimer's disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


How to prepare rice can reduce your calories by more than 50%

How to prepare rice can reduce your calories by more than 50%

How it works Starch, which is a component of rice, can be digestible or non-digestible, the difference lies in how the body turns food into energy. The digestible type is quickly transformed into glucose and in large amounts can turn into excess body fat. While the non-digestible is more resistant, that is, it is not metabolized in the small intestine, where carbohydrates usually become glucose or other simple sugars that are absorbed into the bloodstream.