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9 Small victories that every beginner runner has ever felt

9 Small victories that every beginner runner has ever felt

Start running is not an easy task, the blisters on the foot and the pains on the body are difficulties that all runners have already faced. However, when the small joys begin to emerge and you fall in love with the race, the previous obstacles are behind you. In order to know the achievements, O My Life consulted some internet racing groups, check out what the participants told us

1. Running 10 minutes without tiring seems impossible? But you did it.

At the beginning of training, everything seems impossible to conquer. The pains in unfamiliar parts of the body and the lack of implicating air give you the idea that you could never run for 10 minutes without thinking that the world would end there.

By persisting in the exercises you notice that you are fully able to achieve your goals. After a few days of training the changes begin to appear, and you begin to notice that you can run even longer than you expected, and best of all without feeling that frightening fatigue.

2. Getting around in the park (without walking in the process)

Breathing fresh air and feeling that little wind on the face while running in a park is an inexplicable sensation. However, most beginner runners face an immense difficulty in getting around the park without going through the process. Physical educator Lucas Janes says it is important to keep the training routine in place so that it is possible to know the course and achieve better results.

3. Regardless of the placement, the important thing is to complete a test

After months of heavy training, the first race for a runner will always be unforgettable. For many the race is connected to some history, such as overcoming a disease, overcoming the loss of a loved one, or even achieving a personal goal. The placement is not primary, overtaking the finish line is much more than winning a competition. Finishing a race is about overtaking, strenuous training and a lot of dedication in the race.

4. The first unforgettable 10 Km

When a person starts running, completing the 10km seems like an unattainable goal. Lacking breath to finish the course, everything hurts, the boyic mind laziness limits. But with dedication and persistence the goal becomes not so difficult and when you realize it, it is achieved.

5. Running only at the end of the week, we can not run any more.

Due to the lack of time, you started running on weekends, often just for leisure. However, the exercise began to do well for your body, and running only on the weekend was no longer enough for you. For beginner runners, this is a remarkable change. So you can see that you can do more things than you thought and have great achievements.

6. Decrease running time

Reducing the pace, even for a few seconds, is one of the great victories of a runner, and it is not impossible. These achievements come with training, which will make the adaptation in the body. This way, you will eventually feel that you can run faster or faster.

7. Get to follow that friend who already runs

You started running on the influence of a friend who is almost a Usain Bolt, and had the feeling that he would never be able to run at the same frequency as him? Many beginner runners go through this, but respecting their own pace and achieving little performance improvements are no longer behind them when they run together.

8. Getting run to talk at the same time

It does not matter if the race is in a park or on the street having a company to run is a good request. But at the beginning of a conversation can be extremely difficult, because it is not known if it is better to look forward or who is speaking. But one hour the body gets used and manages to reconcile a good conversation without losing the rhythm of the race.9. Notice that you lost weight after you started running

If you started running for the purpose of losing weight, know that you are not the only one. Running is one of the best physical activities to lose weight with health because it increases metabolism, making the calorie burning happen faster. It does not take much training time for you to look in the mirror and notice the weight loss. Oh, this is certainly one of the best joys of a runner.

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