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9 Things a plastic surgeon would like you to know

9 Things a plastic surgeon would like you to know

Have you ever stopped to think that when you decide to have plastic surgery, a lot of things you may not know about, but what is important to be aware of? Check out 9 things a plastic surgeon would like you to know:

1. There is no guarantee of outcome

It seems boring to recognize this, but plastic surgery can not guarantee results for the patient as it depends on factors that are not of the plastic surgeon's control. For example, the healing of one person is different from the other; it is necessary that the patient make all the postoperative orientations and if this does not happen, it can alter the result; Intercurrences may occur during surgery (eg, bleeding) or after (eg, the nose is operated and it is accidentally knocked over). The unpredictability is such that it makes it impossible for the medical practitioner to guarantee results.

2. The scar is for life

All scar is for life. It may be less or more apparent depending on the position it is in and the quality of it. Biological and hereditary characteristics are highly important in determining the type of scar.

3. Patience for the result

Plastic surgery takes some time for the body to recover from the swelling. Some surgeries have the fastest result (eg breast implant we already have a beautiful result with 3 months) but some require more recovery time (eg: rhinoplasty takes at least 1 year to have the final result). Therefore, it is important not to evaluate the result in the swelling phase as it is not the end result. You should have patience and confidence in your doctor of choice.

4. It is worth investing in your health

Some patients prioritize what is cheaper to have their surgery. They choose non-recognized quality silicone implants, clinics / hospitals without ICUs, inexperienced physicians who operate by quantity rather than quality. All of these choices are from the patient, but every physician cares about the patient's well-being and always wants him to invest in his or her health because nothing is more precious than patient safety.

5. Get Ready In Advance For Your Surgery

Plastic surgery should be looked at seriously by the patient. He needs to buy the drugs in advance, prepare the house for recovery, have a post-operative escort, and have recovery time available to stay at home.

6. Bring a chaperone at the clinic

Doctors like patients to bring family / friends to the clinic. Sometimes they ask the doubting escorts and also want to make sure that the patient's decision to undergo surgery has been well thought out and is not something "transient"

7. The surgery has a cost proportional to the procedure and the doctor of choice

Cosmetic plastic surgery has costs with doctors and with the hospital where the surgery will be. There are all kinds of prices, but you can not be deceived. A very low medical fees price will hardly have to bring all the dedication and care during and after the surgery you desire. A very cheap hospital should also be questioned because it certainly should not use the latest generation drugs, should not have a surgical center with modern equipment, among other things. Sometimes the doctor may be late for the appointment.

It is normal, although not appropriate, for the doctor's delay in appointments. But the reason for this is usually because of facts that are independent of the doctor. Sometimes a patient may require more time to explain all the doubts in detail or the patient himself may be late for the appointment causing a cascade delay in the queries.9. Take stock of information obtained via the internet or friends who have had surgery

"Dr. Google" is not always right ... The doctor is not very satisfied with patients who compare their behavior with those observed on the internet. The reason is not for the? Ego? of the physician, but by the fact that each patient is an individual with unique particularities; that is, there is no single behavior that can be adopted universally. In fact, being careful not to standardize behavior is a sign of affection and caring for the patient.

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