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9 Thoughts that first-time mothers have when breastfeeding

9 Thoughts that first-time mothers have when breastfeeding

How many mothers do you know have had problems breastfeeding? I bet at least one because it is quite common.

Feeding your baby may be harder than they say, but do not give up, seek help, talk to your doctor, nurses, with mothers who have been through it and subject matter experts!

You are not alone if you have ever had any of these thoughts:

1. "Is this pain going to happen?"

Yes, breastfeeding is beautiful, but it can also be very painful. If the baby is unable to catch the mother's breast properly, they may arise from mild discomfort to bleeding and deep bruising on the nipples. "They never told me it's so hard to breastfeed"

Why does not anyone tell you how difficult breastfeeding can be? We are accustomed to the image of the movies and novels, in which the baby is born and, almost magically, grabs the mother's breast to suckle. The problem is that, in many cases, this situation does not match reality.

3. "I thought it was not enough to feed my baby"

One of the biggest fears of mothers is not offering enough food for the child , especially in relation to the amount of milk that the baby is nursing. But, believe me, breastmilk is the most complete food available and is extremely important for healthy baby development.

4. "The beginning is strange, painful, uncomfortable and wonderful"

The first moment of breastfeeding is a mixture of good and bad feelings. Suddenly, a baby is in your chest trying to feed, nurses examine your breast, pick up the beak of your chest trying to teach you how to put the baby's mouth in it. It is a flood of uncomfortable news, but it leaves mothers feeling full and happy.

5. "Breastfeeding consumes more of my day than I imagined."

Many pregnant women and first-time mothers can not imagine how breastfeeding every three hours will compromise any other task they have on the day. The mother's routine revolves around the newborn's feedings, so her availability needs to be virtually complete.

6. "Feeding a baby does not just include breastfeeding"

Following the previous point, breastfeeding involves other tasks together, such as having the baby belch and, some time later, changing the diaper. Of course you do not need and should not be left with all the tasks in your hands, but the fact is that a "simple blowjob" can be more time consuming than it seems.

7. "You can not escape breastfeeding in public"

And it's okay! A great fear of mothers is the time to breastfeed outside the home, subject to the crooked looks of those who are around. The truth is that moms do not have to limit the spaces to feed their baby, as long as they feel comfortable for it.

8. "I felt frustrated, it seemed that only I could not breastfeed"

No, it did not happen only with you, but the impression that is left is precisely this: "all the mothers of the world are perfectly breastfeeding their babies, except me." This image comes from the idealization of perfect motherhood, often propagated by the media.

The problem is that in real life everything is quite different. So that other mothers do not feel this way, we need to talk more about the truths of breastfeeding, good and bad aspects. There is nothing to be ashamed of in having complaints about breastfeeding.

9. "I did not like to breastfeed and I'm sure it never hurt my daughter or our love relationship."

Breast milk is very important for the baby, there is no doubt about it. But have you ever stopped to think that the mother may just not like to breastfeed? The experience can be very uncomfortable for many women, even if they do not have major problems at the time of breastfeeding.There is no rule. And this has nothing to do with love, okay?

Now we want to hear from you: what went through your head while breastfeeding? Tell us people?

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