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9 Tips From Doctors To Stay Healthy And Well

9 Tips From Doctors To Stay Healthy And Well

You arrive at the hospital or doctor's office and the doctor is there in white, sometimes tired of hours worked, but healthy. Surrounded by people sneezing, coughing, with all sorts of pains or injuries, but nothing seems to affect him. Why does it happen? Doctors, in addition to having studied how the human body works and ways to avoid - when possible - make it sick, also have their tricks. Check it out:

Attention to hygiene

It may seem obvious, but it is true that hygiene habits make all the difference for maintaining health. "The habit of washing hands as soon as they reach the destination, before handling food, before eating, after going to the bathroom, etc. is very important for the prevention of diseases, especially viral diseases. the mouth when coughing so as not to spread the virus and wash your hands afterwards.Take a shower every day, change clothes, leave the airy environment, wear clean clothing and bedding and bath. the chairs, put a clean towel on it when you sit down to avoid the transmission of scabies.Washing raw foods, taking care of what we eat and drink are also essential care, "says Ligia Pierrotti, an infectious disease specialist at Delboni Medical Diagnostics. Drinking a lot of water

About 70% of the human body is composed of water, so it is fundamental from the physiological point of view. "All the cells in our body need water, it has no energy, it does not produce calories, but it is essential for the body to function, and when I say it is important to drink water, I mean just that, not liquids in general. fruit in the liquid state, this is not water, "says Andrea Bottoni, specialist in nutrology and sports medicine at the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz.

Feeding properly

" For the healthy population in general there is no magic food we can eat everything and there is something that in absolute terms does harm to our body.What can do badly over time is the maintenance of unhealthy habits like eating every day as if it were a date commemorative, "says nuttonologist Bottoni. The tip of the expert is to leave the dish colored, do not exaggerate in animal foods, add enough fiber and vegetables, ingest everything a bit, but eat slowly.

What about zinc and supplements?

"Supplements only are indicated when the person has a higher need than is normal, such as when there is some disease, deficiency of some nutrient or is spending a lot, as in the case of athletes.For a healthy adult there is no need, "says the nutrologist. When eaten in a balanced manner and take care of health, in general, they are not necessary and should always be recommended by a health professional. "Zinc is already a micronutrient, which means that our body needs in small amounts, but it is absolutely important to, among many other functions, strengthen the immune system, improve perception of smell, decrease hair loss and optimize scarring, "says the specialist. There are several foods rich in zinc, many of animal origin, such as oysters, shrimp, oxen, chicken, but also the oil seeds like almonds and peanuts.

Sleep well and take some naps

Sleep deeply, is very important both for the physical part, the body itself, and for the mind. "When we have a bad night's sleep, we do not reach the stage of REM sleep, which is the period of restorative sleep, we wake up tired, fatigued, indisposed and in a bad mood," says Giulliano Accetta, MD's general practitioner. Query. Naps can also help improve mood, but attention, "just as the amount of sleep someone needs to stay well is variable, the nap can make some people more attentive, willing, doing more in their activities and others become more sleepy , yielding less, depends on the person, "he adds.Take Care of Headaches

There are several types and causes of headache, many of which can indicate serious health problems. So in the case of headaches that are becoming too frequent or too strong, it is important to see a doctor. A smooth self-massage on the side of the head (temple) "may help some people with non-disease-related headaches, such as taking a nap in a quiet, calm environment, and if they are fasting, eating "Symptomatic drugs may help when these attempts have been made and have not been successful, but remembering that only when you are sure that the symptom is not related to any disease," says Accetta.

Have time for yourself

'I do not have time' is becoming an increasingly normal phrase, which is not good for your health. Nutrólogo Bottoni emphasizes that this time includes what he needs to be able to take care of his own health. Doing physical exercises, going to routine medical appointments, doing the exams the doctor asks for, choosing what and when to eat, taking vaccines, meditating and many other activities make a difference to your physical and mental well-being. "To have time for ourselves, to take care of ourselves in everything, is very important. We find time to work, so we have to find time to take care of ourselves," he says. To find out more about the vaccines that adults need to take, click here.

Do not self-medicate

Even doctors consult specialists to check their health problems, which is extremely important for maintaining health as a whole. They are responsible for analyzing the patient's chart, medical history, other medications they use, and more information that is very valuable in choosing a drug. "Self-medication is detrimental to health because drugs can have side effects and adverse reactions, and can trigger other symptoms," says Accetta. In addition, self-medication can mask important symptoms for the detection of diseases, so that they are only diagnosed when the problem is more advanced.

Have leisure moments

All experts agree that it is as important as other tips is that the person has leisure moments to stay well and healthy. Working with what you like is very good, doing exercises too, sleeping is wonderful, but having an activity that you like, that is done exclusively for pleasure, leisure, is fundamental. It can be to enjoy pleasant moments with family, friends, relax, read, dance, run, talk, paint ... the activity you choose, but as our body works for rewards, it is worth investing in your moments of leisure.

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