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Accelerated Thought Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Accelerated Thought Syndrome: Do You Have It?

It is increasingly common for people to complain about anxiety, restlessness, difficulty in staying focused, feeling of continuous tiredness even when awakening, specific headaches and

The sum of these factors was given the name of Accelerated Thought Syndrome , triggered by excessive stimuli, information, professional, social and even family multifunction, generating more people. reactive, uncompromising, and easily irritable with difficulty to stay focused and stay in the moment.

These people are always thinking about the next step, without focusing and optimizing the present moment, suffer in anticipation, create situations that may never come

All these mental problems lead to reflexes and somatizations in the body and the quality of life of those who present the Syndrome.

The disorders caused, the Some of the aforementioned ones may be gastritis, hair loss, attention deficits and side effects such as moodiness and lack of empathy.

It is believed that about 80% of the population are carriers of the syndrome and that it is independent of profession or social class, but living with this excess of information, social and professional charges. The need the media sells for what it is to be successful also helps the thoughts get loose and disconnected from each other. A practical example is trying to ask yourself what your priority is today, or at least this week you will go. subdivide into professional, social, and family priority, and yet you will not be able to choose a single priority, because that sense is lost in someone who has the accelerated thinking syndrome.

Time and routine management are totally compromised in this syndrome, often having the sensation of having a million things to do and can do absolutely nothing.

How to reduce the effects of SPA?

To have real priorities and to focus on them, to reduce the amount of external stimuli when performing the activity chosen as priority

  • Silencing your mind, this is achieved through activities such as meditation, Yoga and physical exercise, this should become routine
  • Inteligênci Emotional: Much is said about the development of this intelligence, and it is important for you to manage what is the real priority at this point in your life and do not suffer from it, rationalize, focus and solve it simple anyway.
  • psychologists, psychiatrists. The use of some substances (vitamins, medicines and supplements) can help to improve the? SPA?
  • Adjust life habits, try to include breaks and breaks during the day, listen to music, readings pleasant, leisure activities, etc.
  • Final Considerations

Living in the present moment where a flood of information falls daily in our head, in a society based on excesses, extremisms, truths and absolute standards, it is common for most people to become stressed and begin to develop a series of symptoms that together trigger Accelerated Thought Syndrome.

The key is to balance, have friends, do what you love professionally, mind and body with healthy activities and habits of life, do not get carried away by the giant wave of information and technology, goals and deadlines that seem to swallow you.

Breathe, think, focus and? mate? one lion at a time, you will feel more productive and assertive.

And it is important to emphasize that it is always possible to use new technologies, medicine and science to face difficulties, at the slightest sign of difficulty, do not be alone, of your trust.


Written by Dr. Tatiana Emy de Freitas, graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry from Universidade Nove de Julho (2009). Master's Degree in Health and Food Safety by the Biological Institute SP (2012) in the field of monitoring of mycotoxins and PhD in Sciences by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (2017), Lecturer in the scientific and pharmaceutical area. Experience in advanced laboratory techniques, such as spectrometry and HPLC.

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