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Active life and balanced diet help keep your health healthy

Active life and balanced diet help keep your health healthy

In general, a healthy person does not smoke, is at ideal weight, exercises and has a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and vegetables. It sounds simple, does not it? The trick to a healthy lifestyle is to make small changes. Walk more, add fruit to your breakfast, drink one more glass of water a day ... These are some small ways to start a healthier life without radical changes.

One of the biggest problems of the day is the lack of physical exercise. We know it does us good, but we avoid doing it because we are accustomed to being sedentary, or because we think that to be worth it, the exercise should be vigorous. The truth is that movement is movement and the more you do, the healthier you will be. Even moderate activities such as small household chores, gardening, replacing the elevator with stairs and walking whenever possible can make a difference.

Include the least amount of movement in your life can:

- Reduce the risk of problems in the heart and diabetes

- Improve joint stability;

- Increase and improve joint range of motion;

- Help improve and maintain flexibility;

- Maintain bone mass;

- Help prevent osteoporosis and fractures;

- Improve mood and reduce anxiety and depression;

- Improve self-esteem;

- Improve memory in older people; stress.

So even if you opt for a small change and a more moderate weight loss, you will still feel the benefits. A study published by the Indiana University School of Medicine showed that a 10% weight reduction helped obese patients reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and increase longevity.

Simple Ways to Move Your Body

- Turn off the television: Once a week, turn off the television and do something more physical with your family and friends. Walk a little, go to the park, play outside. Practically anything will be more active than sitting on the couch watching television.

- Walk further: Find small ways to walk more. Do not use the remote control to turn the television on or off or change the channel. Stop the car one block further from your final destination.

- Do some chores: Take care of the garden, sweep the house. This type of activity may not be a vigorous exercise, but it helps keep you moving as you get your house in order.

- Make a list of all the activities you do throughout your day. If you notice that you spend most of your time seated, make another list with all the ways you could move more, such as getting up every hour to stretch or walk a little, replace the elevator by the stairs etc.

Balanced Diet

Eating healthy is just as important as moving around to have a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet in addition to helping maintain your ideal weight also helps to improve your health and quality of life as you age.

Some simple tips for making small changes to your diet:

- Eat more fruits. Add a fruit to your breakfast, your salad, or even your dinner;

- Include some vegetables and vegetables in your daily life. Put a slice of tomato or cucumber in your sandwich or add some vegetables to the sauce;

- Replace greasy sauces with lots of oil and lots of cheeses for lighter sauces. Automatically, you will decrease the number of calories ingested;

- Choose milk and skimmed yogurt. This is another way to reduce the number of calories you eat without greatly changing your daily diet.Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean having to make drastic changes. In fact, they almost always result in failure. Making small changes in your lifestyle will probably lead to a greater reward. So find out what you can do to be healthier today.

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Healthy Lifestyle May Reduce Risk of Periodontal Disease

Healthy Lifestyle May Reduce Risk of Periodontal Disease

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