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Acupuncture contributes to the control of pain and stress

Acupuncture contributes to the control of pain and stress

The great chasm separating the principles of acupuncture with those of ours Western medicine is precisely this concept of energy. This can not be visualized or touched and only the most attentive people can feel it, making it difficult to prove its existence, without the person having a specific experience, either in a treatment session or even paying close attention to the body in various situations day-to-day.

To try to explain this energy, it is possible to make a simpler comparison. We all have thousands of veins and arteries, large and tiny, like an extremely complex plumbing, responsible for ensuring that every millimeter of the body is nourished with blood. For acupuncture, there is a second complex network of transmission, which carries energy, which also nourishes our whole body. This complex system allows the energy to be carried in a balanced way to all the tissues, organs, viscera, muscles, tendons, bones, etc. In this case, she believes that pain and illness are changes in energy balance, whether in the flow or concentration. For example, a pressure headache can be interpreted as an excess of energy in the head, due to some blockage at lower levels, or in some organ or viscera that has a relation with the head; Respiratory problems can be seen as an energetic weakness of the lung; Back pain can be associated with an imbalance between the two main types of energy (Yin and Yang) of the kidney.

Once the presence and paths of this network of vessels carrying energy have been identified, scholars (around five thousand years ago) found that it could be altered and controlled by stimulating specific points. Like valves and taps in a plumbing, these points would have the effect of balancing the flow of energy if they were properly stimulated. After stimulating with fingers, stones, pieces of wood, plants and parts of animals, we finally got the needle that we have today. The needle would be the most evolved material we have now, responsible for stimulating the points of our body that aid in energy treatments.

Indications of acupuncture

Acupuncture helps to relieve stress - Photo: Getty Images

As indications are diverse, but the main ones are usually due to pain, difficulties sleeping and control of anxiety and stress. More complex treatments such as tumors, heart problems, hormonal changes, among others, should always be accompanied by specialist doctors, working together when indicated.

Pre-Acupuncture Care

Before Submitting to a Session , it is important that the person is not fasting for at least one hour before feeding. Another advice is to avoid drinking black coffee, black tea, sucking on candy, or ingesting anything that has a dye that will change the color of the tongue as this may impair judgment. It is also important that you do not stop using the usual remedies, to get the consultation as close to the usual.

How is the acupuncture session

An acupuncture session begins with energy assessment. In this evaluation will be identified the causes of the disorders that generate the symptoms in the person, through an interview (anamnesis? Questionnaires with several questions associated to the habits of life, presence of diseases, family history, symptoms, complaints, etc.) , of the tongue, eyes and other characteristics, which vary according to the technique that the professional will use.Once these causes are identified, the stitches will be chosen, thus initiating the insertion of the needles. Most of the time the person lies for 15 to 25 minutes with the needles, which are sterilized and disposable, with almost no risk of infection to the patient. At the end of the time, the needles are removed and the changes and improvements can be felt both immediately by the person and only after a few days, varying according to each case and depending on the sensitivity of each patient, it being very difficult to predict a defined number of sessions until the

Care after the acupuncture session

Often, at the end of a consultation, some guidelines are made that include changes in terms of eating, routine, observation and behavior, related to the energy aspect. In this way, the patient is more likely to potentiate and maintain the benefits of the session, reaching cures faster. In some cases patients may feel strangers after a session, usually after the first, because they have been stimulated in a totally different way than they are accustomed to. Not infrequently are cases where the person experiences changes in the stomach, bowel, urine or even behavioral (eg, more distracted) but which last only a few days and indicate that the body's energy is being altered to find a new balance . It is like renovating the house, where we first broke and smudged, and then we organized and cleaned it.

Other acupuncture techniques

Acupuncture contributes to pain relief - Photo: Getty Images

If the person is afraid or even dread of needles, stimuli can be made in other ways, such as magnets, mustard seeds, metallic or synthetic spheres, among other resources. Other acupuncture techniques can also be applied, such as auriculotherapy, where ear points are stimulated to balance the energy of the whole body. As the person becomes more familiar with the treatment, he or she may lose the fear and develop into the stimulus with the needles.

The acupuncturist

All this care was formerly passed on from parent to child. Until a few years ago there were technical courses for anyone given by teachers trained by master acupuncturists, professionals from Korea, China or Japan (leading schools) who brought the knowledge many years ago. Nowadays there are two-year specialization courses (on average) only for health professionals, who already have knowledge in anatomy and physiology, making training even more demanding and complex.

Acupuncture though millennia is still in constant evolution, with several studies in progress, as well as with the development of new techniques and associations with other types of treatments, potentializing the results. Although very old, it is increasingly modern and popular. And who wins is the population, with one more tool to help in the well-being and the improvement of the quality of life.

Source consulted:

Marcel Tomonori Sera, physiotherapist and acupuncturist.

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