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Ear acupuncture is no more painful

Ear acupuncture is no more painful

Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic technique that stimulates reflex points located in the ear, where we find a complete map of a microsystem that represents the human body. Stimulating these points, which are integrated into the central nervous system, alters the signs of disequilibrium presented by organs or tissues of the body.

The human body and all its components, such as organs, viscera and limbs, are projected in the ear. When a region of the body is in imbalance there is a manifestation in the corresponding region of the ear, indicating that that particular area of ​​the body should be treated.

With this type of stimulation we can benefit the elderly, children and people who are afraid of needles with an efficient and painless option.

Auriculotherapy is usually used at the end of an acupuncture session, to complement the systemic treatment. However, what few know is that a complete treatment can be done only with auriculotherapy. Good auriculotherapists can treat systemic acupuncture just by stimulating the points of the auricle. A auriculotherapy session in these patterns can reach 60 minutes in length and bring the same benefits as needle treatment.

The major problem with auriculotherapy is the way the region is stimulated. The materials used are the famous needles and seeds, which are uncomfortable and sore. However, thanks to color therapy, therapists can now offer an alternative to classical stimuli by changing the needles for light - the combination of the two techniques is called atrial chromotherapy.

In the atrial chromotherapy the points selected by the therapist receive the touch of a pen with a crystal tip, which emits colored light. Within the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, organs and viscera are represented by various attributes, including colors and some five Chinese elements. In addition to these points, we have the following relation:

Wood - Green - Liver / Gallbladder

Fire - Red - Heart / Small Intestine

Earth - Yellow - Bacchus and Pancreas / Stomach

Metal - White - In this way, after tracing a line of treatment, the therapist can use the colors of the five Chinese elements as a stimulus in his selection of points.


Water - Dark Blue - Kidney / Bladder

The choice is to use the colors of the spectrum as stimuli of sedation and toning, being the hottest colors (red, orange and yellow) tonifying and the cooler ones (blue, dark blue and purple), sedatives.

With this kind of stimulation we can benefit the elderly, children and people who are afraid of needles with an efficient and painless option

It is worth remembering that auriculotherapy and chromotherapy are complementary methods of maintaining health. Replacing medical treatments with alternative treatments is not recommended and it is the therapist's duty to guide their client.

Way you think can determine your success at the time of slimming

Way you think can determine your success at the time of slimming

If a person believes that their weight is not determined by their eating habits and exercises, ie, that they are beyond their control, they are more likely to gain weight that one who does not think so, is indicated by a study published in the journal Health Education and Behavior . According to the authors, those who believe that weight loss is beyond their control has the tendency to favor actions that bring a reward in the short term, such as ingesting unhealthy foods and avoiding exercise, rather than committing to activities that would bring long-term benefits, such as weight loss or weight control.


Differentiate the common sadness of depression

Differentiate the common sadness of depression

Depression today affects 340 million people worldwide, or one in five people at some point in their lives has already presented or will present a depressive picture. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this should become the main disease in the next twenty years. But what is depression?