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Acupuncture helps to end wrinkles

Acupuncture helps to end wrinkles

The quest for beauty and rejuvenation has been increasingly common. Several methods are launched daily and many of them leave the face deformed and without expression. Therefore, the demand for natural methods to prevent wrinkles, lines of expression and flaccidity of the skin also grows.

One of the most popular procedures today is acupuncture in facial aesthetics. It aims to improve oxygenation, local circulation, metabolism, support the skin, work the facial muscles and decrease acne and excess oils. This treatment is not new, since the empresses of the various dynasties of Ancient China already used this method to relieve the marks of expression.

In acupuncture, the face is one of the main parts of the body to be evaluated, because it is in it that we can discover the energy imbalances in certain parts of the body. Thus, by treating the face, we are also taking care of the physical, the emotional and recharging the energies.

External factors (climate change), internal factors (emotional and psychological changes) and constitutional (genetic) factors, can influence energy imbalance thus stimulating the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. And for those who die of needle dread, many clinics currently use electrodes that are placed at the same points as in the traditional method.

"It is possible to rejuvenate up to 10 years with this method, and results appear from the first session"

Treatment should be performed once a week lasting one hour. The number of sessions will depend on the assessment of the acupuncturist, and varies according to the patient's age, sex and lifestyle. It is possible to rejuvenate up to 10 years with this method, and the results appear from the first session. After some consultations the customer returns from time to time for maintenance. The treatment is also recommended as a pre-ventive procedure for expression lines.

First a cleansing is performed on the skin with a make-up remover to remove excess oil, make-up and skin impurities. After that, a tonic lotion is passed with something on the whole face to finish the hygiene. Immediately after cleaning, needles or electrodes attached to an electrostimulator are placed on the ends of each wrinkle, thus enhancing the rejuvenating effect at the site. After 25 minutes the needles are removed and manual facial lymphatic drainage is performed.


No side effects

  • - Promotes overall body balance

  • - Improved lymphatic, blood and energetic circulation

  • - Reduces wrinkles and lines of expression

  • - Reduces acne and excess oiliness

  • - Improves tone

  • - Brings physical and mental well-being

  • - Leaves skin brighter and lighter

  • - Does not change facial expression

  • - Long-lasting result.

  • The session value can vary from R $ 80.00 to R $ 150.00. People who use a pacemaker, tend to form a keloid, and have wounds where the treatment would be applied, should inform the acupuncturist before the beginning of the session, as these characteristics can cause complications to the patient.

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