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Adriana lost 15 kg with Diet and Health and photographer was photographed

Adriana lost 15 kg with Diet and Health and photographer was photographed

"This time I'm going to stay lean," says Adriana Abreu, 36, who lost 15kg using the Diet and Health program - two of them in the first week. She says that at six she was already overweight and had always been a mockery in school because of the extra pounds in the balance: "When I was eight, I fought with a girl at school because she called me 'sandwich walking '. Adriana made all the possible diets, with nutritionist, endocrinologist and even aesthetic treatments, but always returned to gain weight. "My life with diets was very embarrassing, but now I know it is definitive," he says.

Adriana has lost 15kg with the Diet and Health

Adriana met the Diet and Health after using the ideal weight calculator site, with which he made a weight evaluation. "When I entered the Diet and Health I weighed 75kg and I never imagined I would get results so fast," says Adriana.

Two kilos lighter in the first week

"My first weigh-in was sensational, I eliminated almost two kilos in a week" , celebrates Adriana. "When I stepped on the scale I even thought it was deregulated, but actually it was just the beginning of a path to weight loss." She also says that the weekly weighing suggested by the program is very important to track performance. "Checking the weight once a week helps stepping on the brake in case of food out of control, because the consequences are perceived quickly," he says.

Points counter

My main challenge was to lose 10kg in three months and I did it

Adriana says that the tools of the site were essential for her diet to be efficient: "Many people think that the whole diet of the points is equal, that you just write everything down in a notebook to lose weight, but the Diet and Health is different "says Adriana, who points out that one of the advantages of the program is that she can control exactly what she is eating. "I find it incredible when I see someone posting on the blog who went to a party and ate a piece of cake and two brigadeiros, telling them exactly what they ate, showing that she has full control of her food."

Adriana weighed 75kg program

In addition, it reinforces the fact that the dot counter shows the balancing of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in foods. "This makes us not only focus on the amount of calories or food points, but also on the quality of what we are consuming, what the body really needs."

Practicing Exercises

a constant fight against the scales, Adriana was already attending academies, but did not obtain results. "I would stay at the gym for hours, run 10km on Sunday and none of that would help me lose weight," he says. With the exercise counter, Adriana realized that she did not have to exaggerate, it was enough to control the diet and be an active person. "Now I do the amount of physical activity I need, not the excess, I have even more time to devote to the family."

When I stepped on the scale I even thought it was unregulated, but actually it was just the beginning of a course to weight loss

The exercise counter and the fast advances in weight loss made Adriana take a liking for physical activity and gain safety for exercise. "Since December 2011 I have been rafting, exploring caves, trails, skipping parachutes, doing samba classes, forró and zouk and even tried to learn to surf," says Adriana, who realized that life's diversions are not limited to shopping , cinema, and restaurant, and that you do not have to be around a food table to be happy. "Many other activities can be done alongside good companies, focusing on food."

Meeting goals

"Once I decided to write a mini blog post, to vent on some insecurity I was feeling," says Adriana, who was amazed at the amount of emails and comments she received with words of encouragement. It was when she began to stroll through the posts of other people and understand that a lot of people were also going through the same ups and downs that she. "That was what helped me most in the process, because the moment I slipped and thought I was not able to continue, I was supported by the community and could start over and move on."

According to Adriana, it is very different post a photo or a comment on the Diet and Health blog than in other social networks, because in the Diet and Health people have the same goal, a fact that leaves the subscribers more at ease to share the difficulties. "After all, who in my work, my family or my circle of friends would congratulate me or would I be happy when I said that I lost 500 grams in a week? '

I now do the amount of physical activity I need, not the excess , I have even more time to dedicate myself to the family

The challenge tool is also an incentive to continue to lose weight without focusing on the goal. "My main challenge was to lose 10kg in three months and I did it."

Self-esteem up there

"When I went to select the photos before and after, I realized that I did not have many photos of the before, because when I was overweight I did not like to take pictures", reveals Adriana. I love posing for the photos and saving happy memories. "She says shopping is so easy and everything she experiences fits her, and her self-esteem is so high that she has renovated her entire wardrobe. The evolution of Adr iana was such that even her boss at work, despite being a reserved person, praised the weight loss: "He called me hard, determined, said that I was to be congratulated and came to believe more in my work," he says.

A great learning

Adriana says that she learned to show her affection for people with the program and that she took valuable life lessons by reading the users' blogs. "What we read on the site is not limited to food, it teaches us concepts that can be loaded into life," he says. She says that with the program she learned to detect what was really hungry and stopped eating to hide emotions or fill some void. "What we need to do to lose weight, we all know - have a balanced diet and do physical activity," he says. "But having the support of an entire community, realizing that your slips are common, having people cheering for your results, praising your weight loss and comforting you in times of failure only the

Diet and Health community has . "

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