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Woman, maturity, overcoming

Woman, maturity, overcoming

Faced with this succession of creeps , Amy did the least improbable in a situation like this: she decided to reinvent herself. She is the one who narrates the story in an autobiographical and liberating tone of the book
Nunca É Tarde Demais
(BestSeller publisher), whose greatest lesson is that life does allow a yaw. In the case of Amy, she did not let herself succumb to pain and loss and set out on a journey of new discoveries and transformations. Amy decided to go through new experiences - even learn to ride a bike.

"With maturity , you already know what you want and you no longer have the fears and insecurities of the youth.It's time to take advantage of the opportunity you never had and make life more lively, taking on new challenges ", explains psychologist Marina Vasconcellos. Next, you give inspiring stories of women, like Amy, who have expanded their horizons in search of happiness.

Foot on the board

Woman at the wheel

Miriam Nascimento never made a point of driving a car, place of the ride. But, after her husband passed away, besides having to take over the family business, a hostel on the coast, also had to learn to be a driver.

Alone and with a small daughter, she found herself unable to practice her everyday activities for not knowing how to drive. "I joined the self-school at age 39 and overcame my fear. It was a joy to realize my ability to overcome", he says.

For psychologist Marina Vasconcellos, taking on tasks already outdated for that age is a sign of courage , because when we do, we face criticism and deal with an important factor of maturity: the prevention syndrome. "We already know the consequences of what we are doing and we are aware of our limitations," he says.

Rolling the tongue

Learning English

At age 52, the maid Maria Antonia da Silva decided to return to school to learn another language, English. She wanted to learn the language when she had access to the internet to help her children with homework and found that many of the websites she consulted were in the English language.

"It was so much new information that I was lost so I decided to enroll in school and I live a good time with my classmates, despite the age difference, "he says.

My new boyfriend

And for those who think dating is just for young couples, it's better to meet Paula Martins. The retiree was widowed five years ago and decided to leave the mourning and move on. Today, at age 74, he dates retired lawyer Pedro Coelho, 65, and plans to marry: "I could not marry in the church because I was very young, but I think it's beautiful to be married in white, so I'm dating the dresses In the end of this year, Maria Selma realized the childhood dream. "

First bike ride


At the end of this year, Maria Selma realized the childhood dream. At age 47, she first rode her bicycle. "I felt free, as I thought would happen," explains the housewife, married and mother of three children. Before the big day, he had training.

"When I was a child, my parents were never able to give me a bicycle, so I spent my whole life dreaming about that day," says Maria Selma. For the psychologist Marina Vasconcellos, the bicycle is part of the child's play universe, but more than an object of leisure, it is an icon of childhood."This desire, like that of Maria Selma, to fulfill a desire that reminds us of our childhood, means that we grow with the baggage we acquire when we are still children, whether positive or negative, and that we have the capacity to recycle ourselves and


Auracy Lopes Barbosa suffered so much from her daughter's absence that she passed the entrance examination and went to live in another city that even went into depression.

At the age of 52, she enrolled in a nursing course and dreams of going further: "I want to graduate and take other courses. "An active mind is synonymous with healthy old age," explains the psychologist.

On the runway


Dance of saudade?


aile of the old-age?

Otília Marques is Óti "I like the night at age 54 and she has a special taste," she says.

Separated 20 years ago, she says that after children grew up and left home, decided to find a way to rejoin the joy and began attending festivals in São Paulo: "I love music and beautiful people. This old-age prom thing is not nothing. I want more is fun, "she jokes.

The goal of the balance

Weight loss

There is no time. There is no time to avoid the following question:" Am I happy with my body? " If the answer is "no," leave the laziness aside and run after the injury.

That's exactly what Luiza Machado, 42, did after gaining 30 pounds because of her separation: "I did not want more leaving home, so one day I looked at myself and wondered why I did not change what was bothering me, "she recalls. Luiza sought nutritional help and lost 20 kilos. herself, when she can get into the dummy 40: "It's good to feel beautiful again," she explains. Maternity at maturity

Late maternity

Claudia and Sidnei decided to get pregnant at 40. After signing in her career, the 45-year-old journalist says that the biggest challenge was to overcome the fears of stereotypes: "I was afraid of to look like my son's grandmother and not to give the account because of my age. Today he is 5 years old and, despite the typical limitations of age, I see that I have taken care of the message and that being a mother is much more than having fun and playing funny games, it is having responsibility and relaxation in the right measure and I think I am finding the balance, "Claudia says.

Selfishness generates loneliness and delays its goals

Selfishness generates loneliness and delays its goals

Only in talking about it, the controversy hangs in the air: who is selfish has difficulty admitting or prefers keep quiet, afraid of criticism. And those who oppose such behavior do not miss a chance to criticize it. "There is an idea that the egoist always acts for his own benefit, even if it could harm someone," says psychotherapist Geraldo Possendoro, a specialist in behavioral medicine.


Women have a greater sense of space than men

Women have a greater sense of space than men

What a GPS that swims. If women once carried the image of having less sense of space and sense of direction than men, now science has proved otherwise. A study conducted by the University of Mexico showed that women are faster than men. men, when the subject is location. To arrive at this conclusion, the scientists observed a group of 1000 people, 500 men and 500 women, who were tasked with the simple task of finding the way out of a maze of mirrors in a park.