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After 6 months, women fatten what they lost to the wedding

After 6 months, women fatten what they lost to the wedding

The day has come! Godparents in attendance, guests, priest, church and her, dazzling in their wedding dress. Looking like this it looks like the dress was tailor-made, but it's not quite like that.

Brides generally make a real marathon of exercise and diet to look stylish in their dresses. However, according to research by the University of Chicago, the pounds lost during this period are easily recovered after the ceremony.

More than 3,000 women were interviewed, and on average they lost about 6 kg to fit in the dress

After a year of research, it was found that the new silhouette acquired by women to appear dazzling on the wedding day does not survive the following six months . Other data were also observed:

1- The average weight loss among women was 6 kg, but one in ten respondents even eliminated 12 kg or more;

2- One in ten reported having ordered one

3-17% of women attributed weight loss to stress resulting from the organization of the ceremony rather than to a diet of food;

4-O main reason for wanting to lose weight for the wedding was to be at the weight considered the ideal, because they would be the center of attention on the day of the event;

5-The interviewees also worried about how they would go out in the photos;

6- The pressure exerted by family and friends to make brides look beautiful on the wedding day was pointed out as a reason for weight loss;

7- One in five admitted that they regained weight lost within six months after marriage ;

8-14% of respondents said they ate

9-13% had already returned to their pre-diet weight after one year of marriage;

10- More than half of those surveyed said they felt more relaxed before of partners after marriage, and 15% said they stopped feeling pressured to look perfect;

11-14% admitted to having relaxed even in appearance;

12- Some blamed sadness after marriage and the moon psychologist Karina Mussa explains that after the party, the newlyweds need to be prepared to face the bills to pay, the division of roles and the conviviality with the defects of the other, which generates a certain stress , which in most cases is compensated by the ingestion of sweets, leading to weight gain.

Another aspect addressed by the specialist is the idea that it is no longer necessary to maintain the shape and good esthetics after marriage. "It's the old story of 'I'm going to relax just a little bit' that the other does not care.This is a serious mistake and should be avoided," he explains.

Overcome the moments of doubt with self-knowledge and reflection

Overcome the moments of doubt with self-knowledge and reflection

There are times when doubt and uncertainty invade our path and we are not sure if the route, chosen before with such confidence, is even the best. We no longer feel so much joy and pleasure and it seems that we are just following the flow, without much control of the helm of life. Occasions like these are not the privilege of a few.


Post-traumatic stress causes severe hair loss in Ana Hickmann

Post-traumatic stress causes severe hair loss in Ana Hickmann

In May 2016, the host and model Ana Hickmann lived true moments of terror: she suffered an assassination attempt on an alleged fan, in a hotel in Belo Horizonte (MG). The episode traumatized Ana in a number of ways, generating the so-called post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs when a person is a victim or witness to violent acts or traumatic situations that your life or the lives of others.