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After gaining weight in pregnancy, Vanessa has already eliminated 10kg with Food Re-education

After gaining weight in pregnancy, Vanessa has already eliminated 10kg with Food Re-education

For many people, losing weight after a gestation is impossible, but Vanessa knows this is not true! She took pills and even took risks with a hydrolipo - all to stay lean and eliminate pounds she gained in her first pregnancy. As Vanessa had always been thin and over-concerned with her body, she did not settle for her 'chubby' outfits and thought she would never wear a size 38 again. But the game turned after meeting the Diet and Health program through a

Vanessa regained her body before pregnancy

Now with self-esteem on the heights, she receives daily compliments at work for her transformation and aroused everyone's curiosity. He had to reveal his secret to his colleagues: "When they saw that it really worked, everyone wanted to do the diet too," he says. Every day the changes in Vanessa's health became more visible, and of course, in the balance. Even his doctor was surprised by such a transformation! Today, a new woman, Vanessa tells about her experience and the changes in her life:

How did you get to know the Diet and Health?

A: As I was already thinking about doing the points diet, a friend sent me a I started to read about the cases of success.

What was your first impression of the program?

A: I really liked the proposal and the site. As soon as I entered, I was "digging" in all the applications on the site, read the testimonials of success stories, went to meet the ambassadors, learn how the program worked and watched some classes of nutritionists. I remember it was a Wednesday afternoon when I immediately started counting the dots and entering exactly EVERYTHING I ate on the counter, even a simple bullet. For me it was quiet, I participated actively in the blog and this helped me a lot! I made many friendships that I take until today, I learned a lot, I laughed and I cried together.

Which Diet and Health tool most helped you?

A: I use a lot of points counters. For me it is the most important tool. As some items I use more frequently, the registration of favorites has greatly facilitated my control. I also registered my recipes to be precise in counting the points. I have read several articles, because for those who are in a process of weight loss, all the information about it can help in some way. The Blog is also important because as we are all in the same boat, one helps the other with words of encouragement and tips to stay focused! Another tool that helped me was the Diet and Health application on the cell phone that made it much easier as well, because I was able to make the control even though I was away from the computer.

Besides weight, what were the main changes in your life?

R : I was always thin, I practiced physical activity three times a week, fed right and still took sibutramine not to gain weight 1 gram. I was very neurotic with my body, so much that I weighed 56 kg and thought I was fat. After I got pregnant, I figured I could eat for two and then go back the old way quickly, but that was not what happened. I got to weigh 88 kg at the end of gestation, then I eliminated 15 kg, but the rest was scattered all over my body. Today, my self-esteem increased considerably, my health improved a lot, because my cholesterol was on the limit. I began to see myself again not only as a mother, but as a woman. At work the compliments are daily. If at first everybody laughed at my daily points count, everyone wants to do it today. My mood has improved a lot and I no longer have to hide from the camera or the mirror. As for the clothes, I do not need to mention that wearing my pre-gestational clothes again was a dream come true. I went back to work out and now I participate in race events. Before, everything was hindering me not to practice exercise, but I saw that it is a matter of willpower. My whole family thanks our new life!

What was the Diet and Health for you and your weight loss?

A: It was the best thing that ever happened to me since I was trying to lose weight with the endocrinologist's formulas a few months ago and was not having a success. As soon as I met the Diet and Health I immediately stopped all of them and got full success. The same endocrinologist was impressed with my evolution and will power thinning only with food reeducation and exercises.

What were the main obstacles you faced during weight loss?

A: It was not easy, but I was doing it. so determined to go back to my old form that the obstacles were being overcome daily with the words of affection of the friends that I made in the blog. I learned to eat only 10g of chocolate instead of a bar of chocolate. Before I ate everything wrong, then I started taking my snacks to eat every 3 hours, taking 3 liters of water daily and eating more fruits and vegetables.

What is the main experience or learning that Diet and Health provided you?

A: I learned that dietary reeducation and physical activity work to lose weight in a healthy and long-lasting way. I used to adhere to miraculous medicines and formulas. The fad diets even made me lose weight, however, I quickly found all the pounds lost. I understood that the whole process of weight loss depends on my strength of will, my focus and my faith.

Fruits can protect against eye problems of diabetes

Fruits can protect against eye problems of diabetes

After an analysis of participants' eating habits, the authors found that people who ate an average of 250 grams of fruit per day had half the risk of develop the condition than those who ate less than 30 grams. Chances were 40% lower for people who ingested an average of 85 to 150 grams of fruit per day compared to those who ate less than 30 grams.


Freeze food the right way and do not lose nutrients

Freeze food the right way and do not lose nutrients

Freezing can preserve more vitamins, but the process requires care Try to imagine life without a refrigerator. Portrait of chaos, right? Not being able to store food and ready meals would slow down the already troubled daily life. What's more, the refrigerator is as essential as it is to your health, according to a study by the UK Food Research Institute (IFR Extra), which found that freezing some food helps preserve its nutrients.