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After losing 20 kilos, Gabriela advises: "Do not hide behind the excuses"

After losing 20 kilos, Gabriela advises:

Often when you are overweight, it is very easy to settle in, and a little change can make the will to lose weight wake up. In the case of Gabriela Marques, a 33-year-old financial assistant from Piracicaba (SP), the click came after getting dengue in early 2015. "I lost about five kilograms after my illness, because I did not eat anything, and I and once again try to lose weight, "she explains." Once again ", since Gabriela's fight with the scales comes from a long time ago, she has tried various diets throughout her adult life. "I bought those magazines with fad diets and miracle teas and copied everything, but without success."

Not knowing where to start this time, she even made appointments with a surgeon to make the stomach reduction so discredited that was. But in the same month she saw a Diet and Health advertisement on Facebook and decided to give the method a chance, especially for preaching food re-education. And is not it worked? In the first few weeks she began to see steady results on the scale, which only motivated her to continue. Today, about nine months later, she managed to eliminate 20 kg. "It's a good thing that the consultation was going to take time, I had time to rediscover myself in the meantime," he celebrates.

Keeping an eye on his plate!

Gabriela started learning where she went wrong with the other diets. "Even though I did the calorie restriction and gym during the week, I used to get off on weekends, and I ended up getting back everything I had lost from Monday to Friday," concludes Gabriela. And by counting the points even on Saturday and Sunday, she also gained control over what and how much she could eat: Gabriela today has no appetites, but she eats moderate portions and often compensates at other meals for that kind of enjoyment.

In addition, she began to look for mechanisms of high control. "If I'm going to eat a pizza at the end of the week, for example, I'll make a very large salad before, to placate hunger a little and eat only one piece," he says.

Following examples ... And becoming one!

The day-to-day tricks were not just created by her: Gabriela turned to the DS community and the Instagram to see stories of more people who were losing weight and see their learning. "Of course, what works for one person does not work for another, so I started to test the tips I found online and see what worked for me," he says.

In this way, she began to know her body better and to make healthier choices. For example, she realized that in the weeks when her bowel worked well, her weight loss was much greater. So she began to get food that helped her in her intestinal transit, and began to include them in the diet more often.

But gradually she started using social networks to inspire her as well: "I started posting a few phrases from motivation and my lunch lights dishes on Instagram and this started to help me, "he comments.

More confidence, self-esteem and breath!

With this, the photo posts became more constant, mainly as a reflection of the self-esteem. new confidence she has gained in herself. "Before I did not even like to take pictures, today I do not stop, my mother even fights with me, but for me it's a way to keep up with my evolution," Gabriela says. Vanity is also reflected in his wardrobe, which needs to be renewed.

In addition, health gains have also been immense. Before dengue, Gabriela was diagnosed with a calcaneal spur, a chronic inflammation of the lower part of the heel that affects not only the calcaneus but also the tendons and causes a lot of pain when walking and even Gabriela limped. With weight loss, it became much easier to cure the problem, since less weight was placed on it.

Finally, Gabriela gained a new breath! "Before I was talking and I started to gasp, now I do not feel it anymore." So much so that a month and a half ago she enrolled in the gym and started doing CrossFit, an exercise that combines weight lifting, step and training with bars, all with great intensity.

Excuses are not for her!

There is still a part of the way for Gabriela to reach her. your goal. "I started with 105 kg, but I think 70 is the ideal for my height, so I want to get there!".

Today weighing 95 kg, Gabriela believes she has learned a lot of will power to get there. For her, it is very common for people to hide behind excuses to lose weight, saying that they have always been like that or have some health problem. "So I advise you: do not hide behind the excuses, if you do everything right, there is no excuse that does not make you thin."

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