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After losing part of her legs, the woman discovers a new way: "Sport is a life lesson"

After losing part of her legs, the woman discovers a new way:

A simple medical neglect can completely change a person's life, and in the case of the São Paulo patient, amputation was inevitable. At the age of 25, the production engineer discovered a kidney infection caused by a kidney stone that was blocking a canal between the organ and the bladder.

The case worsened after medical malpractice, causing widespread infection . The extremities of Adriele's body were left without blood circulation, which resulted in necrosis of the feet, the tips of some fingers and a few points in the brain. After 20 days of hospitalization, she was awakened from the induced coma to be that part of the legs would be amputated on that day. In all, there were 64 days in the hospital, of which 53 were in the ICU and 20 in coma, a period in which she suffered cardiorespiratory arrest, seizures, pulmonary insufficiency and the almost failure of some organs.

"Sport brought me a new perspective on life "

The recovery soon took place and Adriele knew exactly where to start: for the sport. "At first I thought about swimming because besides working with the whole body it would be great for my lungs," she says. However, during the wait to enter a group of the modality, she also knew athletics, that was love at first sight. Thus, she decided to reconcile the two totally new sports in her life.

At the age of 29, Adriele practices Paratriathlon (Paralympic Triathlon). The competition consists of swimming, cycling and running. She also participates in some street races. To maintain her form and conditioning, Adriele trains six days a week, and each day she practices two modalities, in addition to performing strength training or physical therapy.

Inclusion at slow steps

The practice of physical activities is fundamental for health and for people with some type of disability, it is even more important, but the inclusion process is slow.

"Sport is a life lesson", comments Adriele Silva - foto: divulga

" It is not our country's culture that encourages sports, it is not our country's culture that people with disabilities have their 'place' in society. This has been changing for a few years, but there is still a lot left. often lacking physical and professional structures capable of attending to the volume of people, "says Adriele.

Athletes with some form of disability need investments in more expensive equipment, such as prosthetics. In addition, many gyms, gyms and even professionals are not prepared or interested in receiving such students. "Unfortunately, our reality of people with disabilities involved in sports or physical activity is still small but evolving"

Next Goals

Everyone has their dreams and Adriele Silva's is to be the first bi-amputee woman in the world to complete the Ironman, an extremely difficult race with 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers

Regardless of the difficulties, the passion and dedication to the sport is able to overcome any type of challenge. "Sport alone is already a life lesson, I can not see myself away from it," she adds.

#I Can: a cause of inclusion in sport and the right to a healthier life

To many Brazilians, practicing physical activity is still a right to be won and, therefore, My Life is engaged in the #Eu Posso cause, which brings to the fore the discussion about the right of everyone to adopt a healthier life. We want to know if you ever had any difficulty exercising! Click here and tell YOUR story.

Adriana Silva dream of being the first bi-amputee to complete the Ironman - photo:

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