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After slimming 13 kg, woman discovers type 1 diabetes

After slimming 13 kg, woman discovers type 1 diabetes

"I discovered diabetes in December 2010, after having lost almost 15 pounds. of the year, I found myself a bit overweight and I came to think of a diet, exercises, but over the months I was noticing losses of 1, 2, 3 kilos.In the beginning I thought it good since I wanted to lose weight, along with the symptoms, like a lot of thirst, a lot of peeing and a lot of cramps, I started to think it strange, "commented Luana. However, because of a trip that was already scheduled for November of that year, even with medical requests in hand , Luana decided to ignore the possibility that she had something to really worry about and she followed her journey. It was 25 days of backpacking through Uruguay and Argentina. In the return of this adventure, the balance indicated six kilos less. Since June, when the symptoms began to appear, she had already lost 13 kg in total.

"I had the tests that the doctor had requested, including fasting blood glucose and the result was categorical: 293! , which is the same as Type 1, but appears in the body more slowly.Treatment in the beginning is more 'easy', with little insulin or even just pills, "he said.

" I thought it was a punishment "

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body does not produce insulin or is unable to properly use the insulin it produces. Insulin, in turn, is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose in the blood, which is essential for producing energy for the body. Without control of the glycemic rate, diabetes can have serious consequences for the overall health of the patient. In Brazil, there are more than 13 million people living with diabetes, which represents 6.9% of the population.

Luana Alves had a tattoo to mark her trajectory - photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Like any other disease, diagnosis is never easy. Upon discovering that she would have to live with diabetes, Luana was disoriented. "In the first week, I thought it was absurd, I thought I was thin, I was not totally sedentary, and in my family we had no such case, I thought it was a divine and unjust punishment, I cried for a week thinking that I would die in ten years

Despite the initial shock, the journalist began to question the disease and decided to search the internet for more information, until she found the story of a man who had had diabetes for 60 years: I realized that I could have a normal and full life, yes, I just needed information, knowledge, I needed to know what I had to do to live well even though I had this condition. "

Diabetes and Eu

Luana decided to create the blog Diabetes and I? In the first week after the diagnosis, Luana decided to create the blog "Diabetes and I", to have a space where she could talk about everything she was feeling and living.

"The blog helped me to read and study more and more, and also to keep on the line, doing my treatment right, because I realized that this way I could help other people to have the same quality of life that I was having, "he said.To avoid common complications, individuals with diabetes should make some changes in their habits, such as investing in the right menu, practicing physical activity, going to the doctor on a regular basis, and taking insulin doses.

Learning to cope with diabetes

"Today I go to the endocrinologist every three months, at which time I also do the periodic exams. I also follow up with ophthalmologist, gynecologist and nutritionist, and I always try to feed myself healthily and every three hours I measure my blood glucose always before eating and after lunch and dinner.I take basal and ultra-fast insulin to keep blood glucose within limits.What I still need to dedicate more is physical activity, "he joked.

Living with diabetes is not impossible, it's enough that the patient has healthy habits and correctly follow the medical indications. In this way, a diabetic can have a life as healthy as any other person.

According to Luana, like everything else in life, she also has her ups and downs, mainly because of the lifestyle, with lots of work and parties. However, diabetes never got in the way of her activities and she did not let her dreams go by because of the disease.

"I always say that people come to the world with a mission. that I finally found mine, that is to help others to get to know each other, to get to know diabetes and to take care of themselves as best they can, and I believe that I have been able to do that. "

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