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Any sign on the skin can turn into a more serious tumor

Any sign on the skin can turn into a more serious tumor

The melancholy nevi, more popularly known as are normal formations in the human body. They can be flat or elevated, large or small, congenital (when present at birth) or acquired, they may have hairs and their coloration may vary from the color of the skin to black.

The clearer the person's skin and the longer she take sun, the more pints she must have on her body. The number of moles varies a lot, it may be unique, but most white adults have between 10 and 40 pints on the skin, but there are rarer cases of people with more than 100!

This article is intended to teach you to identify lesions that contain some characteristics of skin cancers, since they are very common pathologies in our environment.

"Birth signs are as or more dangerous than those that emerge in the youth"

In general, every pint presents the possibility of transformation in cancer of the skin. Fortunately, such a transformation occurs only in a minority of cases, which does not mean that we should not be aware of this possibility. In reality, since these lesions are visible and in an easily accessible location, their removal can avoid major health problems.

The concept that birthmarks are benign is not always true. Signs of birth are as dangerous or more dangerous than those that arise in youth and can be removed whenever the aesthetic result is advantageous. It is precisely for these reasons that some pints or signs need to be removed, but not all. Only the lesions that justify the removal should be removed, avoiding unnecessary surgeries that cause scars. I always tell my patients that the look is always changed by a scar, however small it may be.

Self-examination is a method for examining regions of the body that are difficult to see, and it is recommended that it be done every three months . With the help of a hand mirror and a wall mirror you can examine the whole body, helping the dermatologist find spots that can become dangerous.

In a practical way, they should be removed:

- All pimples that change in size, shape or color in a short period of time (weeks or months)

- Signs that itch, burn, or ache

- Dark spots on the soles of the feet, palms, leather

- Signs that bleed;

- Pints ​​that have various colors such as black, blue, gray, greenish, several shades of brown;

- Stains that border the edges of the genitals

Surgery to remove lesions

Surgery to remove skin signs depends on a number of factors such as: being located in a zone of the skin that makes the person uncomfortable or uncomfortable, such as the face or when the dermatologist makes an analysis of possible signs of malignancy and wants to do Correct diagnosis of the lesion.

Lesions that are suspected should be removed through a minor surgery called excisional excision. If the pain is too large, a biopsy should be performed, where only part of the lesion is removed, which points to alternative treatments to surgery.

In cases of surgery, an incision is made by removing all the skin around the lesion The dermatological surgeon you will know what the margin of safety is, since each particular injury has yours. The lesion is then dissected and removed. After removal, the bleeding should be restrained in the best way to avoid scarring.

No matter how minimal the procedure may be, it should never be considered as a surgical procedure. The dressing should be removed by the dermatologist who performed the surgery, to avoid the formation of more obvious scars. The earlier an injury is recognized, the greater the chances of cure through simple procedures.

So if you have any pimples or signs of skin with some of these characteristics look for a dermatologist. It is very important to evaluate a medical professional to help you and guide you how to proceed

Facial rejuvenation should escape from artificiality

Facial rejuvenation should escape from artificiality

The face is our business card. It is through it that we are identified and recognized. In addition to conveying our emotions. The passing of the years and the natural process of aging makes this business card more "severe", which often does not fit the character and the personality. This is where the rejuvenation surgery comes in, which can make the patient's face softer, younger and more sophisticated.


Liposuction is indicated for treatment of localized fat

Liposuction is indicated for treatment of localized fat

Liposuction began in Europe in the 1970s and was consecrated in the United States in 1990. The word liposuction comes from the scientific term "lipectomy assisted by suction ", which consists of the removal of adipose tissue by thin cannulas under negative pressure. The cuts should be small for three reasons: to keep the negative pressure on the suction, to reduce the scars, and finally to hide them in points that maximize the aesthetic result.