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Applications monitor sleep and promise more provision

Applications monitor sleep and promise more provision

How is your sleep? How many hours have you slept in the last few nights? Sleep of good quality has become a true object of desire. Nothing better than waking up naturally and rested. With that in mind, we have selected some of the best devices on the market that help us monitor sleep. It is important to be clear that they are not 100% effective at measuring the number of hours of sleep. Technology is a great ally, but it does not dispense good sleep routines.

It is an interesting technology that can, for example, wake us up in a lighter sleep period, giving us a greater sensation of rest upon awakening. two ways of detecting that we are sleeping. One way is to measure our body movements directly. These are bracelets or sensors that get in touch with our body and infer sleep period by reducing body movements.

The second way is through smartphone applications that analyze the data picked up by the device's accelerometer (which realizes when your phone is standing). The accelerometer indirectly detects our movements in bed. Some applications are also able to detect oscillations in movements during sleep, which may correspond to the different phases of sleep. It's an interesting technology that can, for example, wake us up in a lighter sleep period, giving us a greater sense of rest upon waking. Other functions of these applications include recording sounds to detect speech or snoring and the possibility of playing a light song to aid in the beginning of sleep. Most of these applications have the disadvantage of consuming battery.

Sleep Better

Developed by the company Runtastic, known for applications for health information management. It is available in Portuguese for iOS and Android. The user needs to register with Runtastic to start.

Programming starts with the smart alarm. The user selects an interval to be awakened. The app will wake you in the best of times, where sleep is lighter, as long as it does not exceed the chosen time limit. Information can be entered into a kind of diary, such as the day you drank alcohol, coffee, fed late or practiced exercise and even dream details. The app provides sleep quality measurements from the previous night and makes comparisons between nights, giving estimates of how much habits can influence sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle

Allows the user to set the wake-up interval between 10 and 90 minutes, and can be turned off at weekends. The application will wake you up at the best stage within the selected range. Available for iOS and Android, it has no English version. It has a library of melodies to wake you up and also allows the user to choose a song for the function. Provides statistics and graphs of sleep nights and allows you to add notes about habits related to night sleep and mood upon waking. It has a test function to check if the phone is well positioned on the mattress (next to the pillow). It does not record sounds. Great accuracy lets it work well with 2 people using the app in the same bed. The movements of the person next to them are recognized as minor movements and are filtered. In addition, you can present the weather forecast for the next day.


It has a comfortable blue screen. Available for iOS and Android, it has no English version. Intelligent alarm with 30 minute interval (the disadvantage is that it does not allow the user to choose the interval). When you wake up, the application asks the user about sleep quality and allows you to add observations about the sleeping night. It gives the user the ability to enter the number of hours they want per night and accompanies if the goal is being achieved the following nights. It is also able to remind the user of the time to go to bed. It has easy-to-interpret graphics that analyzes sleep nights in the last six months with varied information such as sleep duration and quality and wake-up calls. Like other applications, it has a list of ringtones for alarm and allows the user to choose their own ringtone as a song.

MotionX 24/7

Features additional pedometer and heart monitor functions. Available only for iOS in English. It allows the user to set varied goals such as weight loss, number of steps per day and number of hours per night. It has a sound recorder. It stores information about the last 30 nights and allows you to export the data to file and share on social networks.


Automatically adjusts the brightness of the device by reducing the blue light throughout the day, as the blue light emitted by the device can deregulate the circadian rhythm and delay the onset of sleep. The application introduces a red filter, more comfortable for the eyes, which is increased throughout the day, based on local sunrise and sunset hours. Available for Android, the application does not monitor sleep, but was included in this list because it is very useful for using smartphones and tablets at night!

Was it useful for you? If the above information does not help, seek a sleep specialist. Disorders like sleep apnea require medical guidance and specific treatment!

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