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Bet on the right food to increase satiety

Bet on the right food to increase satiety

Not an hour has passed that you had lunch, but the hunger already starts to appear? And, when you eat, are gluttonous attacks frequent? Therefore, the solution to not hit head-on with the diet is to bet on a plate with nutrient-rich foods with strong satiety power. That's right, the idea is to delay the feeling of hunger and prevent you from snacking on treats throughout the day. "A high satiating power is found in foods rich in protein, fiber, and water, while high-fat foods have a low ability to control appetite (start my diet)," says nutritionist Patrícia Bertolucci.

If the will to devour the world is the great enemy of the diet, the output is to assemble a menu full of foods that fill the stomach and still help eliminate the extra pounds. Below is a list of options that go well beyond fiber-rich vegetables.

Reinforced breakfast


In order to avoid hunger throughout the day, nutritious breakfast, so we do not arrive at lunchtime wanting to pick up everything we see ahead. "The mixture of a cup of chopped fruit topped with a pot of light yogurt, two tablespoons of granola and a spoon of jelly soup results in an intense taste that kills the will to eat sweet throughout the day, "says nutritionist Cyntia Antonaccio of Equilibrium Consultoria." This blend is rich in fiber and, besides not harming the regime, it helps not feeling hungry. "

According to nutritionist Patricia Bertolucci, it is important not to leave some food groups outside the breakfast. They are:

Whole Grains

: prefer the full version of carbohydrates, which helps in intestinal transit, since they have more fibers. They also contribute to satiety because they take longer to be digested. Dairy

: dairy proteins offer greater satiety because digestion is slower, slowing gastric emptying and consequently hunger Fruits

: are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants vital for the proper functioning of our body. Orange fruits rich in betacarotene pigment, such as papaya, contain vitamin A, which is important for maintaining satiety. Powerful vitamin

In the middle of the afternoon or before lunch, an ally to ward off hunger is the vitamin. With the right ingredients, you benefit from all the benefits and ensures a lot of satiety. "Choosing vitamins with orange-colored foods (carrots, oranges, papayas) is also a great way to stave off hunger. Not to mention that vitamin A in these fruits and vegetables helps the lungs and heart function, eyes and the immune system, "explains nutritionist Patrícia Bertolucci.


Smoothie recipe for papaya


- 1 slice of papaya

- 3 pitted black plums left in sauce

-1 tablespoon of crushed flaxseed

- ½ cup of frozen soymilk

How to prepare

Place the plums and the water of the plums in the blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and beat in the blender.



For lunch, there are several dishes that help maintain satiety and free you from hunger that appears mid-afternoon.

Bet on rice with beans

The double is ally of the diet. Rice has several B vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, folate, and iron. Bean is a food rich in vegetable protein, fiber, iron source and B-complex vitamins. "It is a type of resistant starch, that is, the bean carbohydrate takes longer to turn into glucose (blood sugar ), avoiding insulin spikes and slow metabolism. " "In addition to the nutritional value, the intake of rice and beans provides a satiety of long duration, very different from the hamburger, for example, that makes us feel gorged and, in a short time, feel hungry," says Patrícia Bertolucci.Vegetables to the stem

Another tip to make your lunch fed with nutrients is to bet on vegetable stalks, which help give sustenance. "They make the meals more complete as they have a large number of nutrients, so hunger takes longer to come back. We can opt for cauliflower stalks, turnip, beet and add them to farofas, rice cooking and soups "The options are supervariated," says nutritionist Patricia.

A tip for dinner

For the dinner to be balanced, it is necessary to have one food from each food group, however, consumed in smaller quantities. "So the hunger does not show up in the middle of the night and we wake up with a controlled appetite for breakfast," says Patricia.

- Meat (chicken, lean red meat, fish)

- Carbohydrates (whole grain rice, potatoes, whole noodles)

- Legumes (beans, - Vegetables

- Vegetables

- Fruit (apple, pear, grape)

Bet on the leaves

Green leaves are a fiber champion and also have another particularity when the matter is satiation. "It requires a lot of chewing. This is a key mechanism for the brain to warn you when it's time to stop eating," says Patricia. "Be sure to add fiber-rich foods (whole foods), which have a low glycemic index and give you a feeling of satiety, avoiding hunger a few minutes after dinner," the nutritionist said.

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Apple is ally of the diet and helps control cholesterol

Apple is ally of the diet and helps control cholesterol

The apple is a much consumed fruit worldwide. It is native to Asia, grown for thousands of years in Europe and Asia and brought to America by European settlers. The apple can be found practically all year round. But the best months are: February to May and August for the national apple, September to December for Fuji, February to May for the gala and November and December for imported.


Daily consumption of bitter chocolate lowers blood pressure

Daily consumption of bitter chocolate lowers blood pressure

The research gathered more than 850 participants, who were given doses of bitter chocolate ranging from 3g to 105g. At the end of two weeks, all members had a reduction in pressure of up to 2%. For comparison, a systolic pressure of 120 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) is considered normal. Cocoa was able to reduce it by 2 to 3 mmHg.