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Bruna Sousa lost 25 kg with Weight Watchers and went from dummy 50 to 42

Bruna Sousa lost 25 kg with Weight Watchers and went from dummy 50 to 42

Youtuber Bruna Sousa spent a good part of her life in a constant struggle with the scales and tried various processes and diets to lose weight, but it was after finding the Weight Watchers who managed to lose weight.

Check out the full interview we made with Bruna, who told us all the details of the process:

1. How did you meet the Weight Watchers? A: My mother heard about Weight Watchers from a friend who had lost a lot of weight and we discovered that she had a polo rally very close to my college, we walked in together. I doubted, I had already gone through so many weight loss processes that I thought it was just one more. I thought positive and thought that by doing something in group the energy would be different, and fortunately it was

2. A: I had tried everything, since I was a child I have problems with the balance, I was always a very chubby child and until I found the Rangers program I tried all the diets that I had. told me, that I discovered and that my mother determined. He always thinned a little and stopped on the way.

3. How was the whole process with the Weight Watchers?

A: The time to start attending meetings is always tense, I felt an anonymous chubby at first, like every new environment. I was scared of what to find, how people would look at me, what insecurities I had in my life.

I got there and found several people excited, laughing, sharing wonderful experiences, telling of how the week was and talking about various difficulties I had and giving tips on how to overcome. The counselors give several great tips and are always people who have lost weight with the program.

4. During the process, what were the main difficulties?

A: There were two major difficulties:

Anxiety: what I gained in 20 years, I wanted to lose in 20 days. I learned in practice that this is not how it works, these miracles do not exist (unfortunately, rs). The people: There is a lot of prejudice with being "paying" a meeting to get to a goal and when people knew that I counted food points, they were filling up the patience when they saw me eating, were several comments: "Wow, how many points do you have?", "Have you calculated your points today?", "How many points has this lasagna I'm eating, can you?". worst of all is when they saw me eating something that has more calorie, like an ice cream cone or a piece of chocolate, I kept all my points to eat some sweet little thing once a week and I had to listen to a clown like: Wow, I thought you were on a diet, are you paying for nothing !? Ahhhh that anger, lol.

5. How long have you been using the program? What were the winnings?

  • A: I used the program for four years, I still use all the material I have, but now without attending meetings for some time and money.
  • Before starting Weight Watchers I was with the greasy liver, very bad sugar rate and too much fat in the blood, could not buy clothes with ease. After reeducating my diet, my health improved 100% and I became happy shopping.

Youtuber Bruna Sousa lost 25 kg with Weight Watchers

6. What were the worst times when doing the program?

A: Despondency, certainly. There's always that day that we think about giving up, not going and letting it go. The tip is: ALWAYS go to meetings, there you can replenish energy, exchange experience and vibrate with people's results and with your own.

In the middle of the path I discovered that I have hormonal problems that make it difficult for me to lose weight, this is something for a lifetime and with food reeducation I was able to understand that even though I did not lose all that I wanted, I was keeping my body healthy and that is the main objective.

7. What were the best moments? Was it worth it?

A: The best time was to climb the scale and find out that 97 pounds I was weighing 73 pounds, it was a satisfaction that has no equal!

Today I am returning to my full focus after having fattening a few pounds, this serves to leave lesson to all, what we learn is a lesson for life. It is not diet, it is re-education and this can not be forgotten. You do not know? Cure? in Weight Watchers, you learn how to educate yourself, if you know and control your diet.

I made a Youtube channel to talk about various subjects and my xodó is talking about weight loss, I exchange several experiences with people around Brazil about the program, I always get requests for different videos on the subject of weight loss and it is very cool to follow the success of so many people.

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