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Capillary hydration: know the pros and cons of treatment that recovers hair

Capillary hydration: know the pros and cons of treatment that recovers hair

Capillary hydration is an aesthetic treatment in which nutrition masks are applied to the hair to replenish its water and lipids, necessary for the yarn to remain resistant, malleable and shiny. Often these elements of the hair structure get lost with daily damage or even with chemical procedures.

Other names

Moisturizing or conditioning masks

Indications of hair moisturizing

Moisturizing or conditioning masks

Indications of hair moisturizing

Moisturizing is indicated for dry hair, which can be very long and worn by the sun, wind or excess water, curly hair, chemically treated hair (dyeing or straightening) and hair of older people. Another important indication is for hair that is naturally dry or dried by the use of dryers and boards.

Even people with oily hair can do the treatments, since it is very common to see people with the oily root and the dry and damaged threads, until because, some types of yarn can not drain the natural oils and need external hydration on their length and ends. It is much easier for this oil to spread on smooth wires. In such cases, masks and treatment oils should only be applied to the length of the threads, leaving the root free.

In the case of chemically treated hair, hydration is important as the cuticle becomes extremely damaged and the thread becomes porous. For example, formaldehyde makes it difficult to hydrate the threads and gives a false sense of brightness when beneath it is a spoiled thread. Moisturizing the hair is a way to compensate, even partially, for the damages caused by these processes.

How is hair hydration performed?

Hydration is done very simply by applying specific products (masks with nutritional properties) in the wet wires and leaving them a time to be absorbed by the hair, generally 10 to 20 minutes.

To be considered a hydration, the products can not have keratin, amino acids or chemicals like formaldehydes. In this case, they become different treatments with rebuilding power and not hydration.

In general, a hydration may contain the following actives:

- Ceramides: highly moisturizing protein that helps seal the cuticles of the yarn, providing more resistance

- Glycerin: is a hygroscopic substance, that is, it retains water on the surface of the threads, improving its hydration;

- Vegetable oils: extracted from fruits or seeds such as grapes, avocados or almonds,

- D-panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): it has wetting properties and improves the quality of the yarns;

- Silicone derivatives, such as dimethicone, that make a protective film on the threads.

Can you make moisturizing at home?

Yes, moisturizing can be done at home, buying specific products for this type of treatment . For a better result, it is worth asking for products for a reliable hairdresser, and always follow the instructions on the label.

It is important to check the packaging of compounds such as keratin, amino acids or chemicals such as formaldehyde, which de-characterize this type of treatment. Ideally, products with these formulations should be applied by a professional, since in the wrong amount they can further damage the hair.

Hair hydration: achieve maximum results

You can also mix liquid bepantol with the bottle of your preferred shampoo, conditioner or mask. The product, being rich in dexpanthenol (vitamin B5), is a great moisturizer and has regenerative properties, and will leave the yarns more soft and moisturized.Sessions

The hair will always be prone to aggression, so it is interesting that hydration is done in sessions, as this will bring more and more benefits to the hair. The periodicity will depend on the intensity of the aggression that the yarns suffer, but may vary from weekly to biweekly sessions.

Precautions before hydration

Since hydration is already a hair care, it is not necessary to do any preparation before it,

Contraindications and risks of hydration

Because it is a simpler treatment, which uses safe substances, there are no contraindications or risks in hydration, as opposed to sealing capillary, progressive brush and capillary cauterization

Pregnancy can do?

There are no contraindications in pregnant or lactating women

Before and after hydration

The expected results of hydration are stronger, silky, malleable and healthier looking.

Combine hydration with ...

Wash with warm or cold water Hot water damages the hair, removing its fats and making them dry. the.

Dryer at the right temperature Using the hot dryer is another habit that damages the wires. The ideal is to use it with cold jets and 30 centimeters from the head.

Capillary cauterization Cauterization adds keratin to the hair, which is important when the hair protein is also damaged in chemical processes such as brush progressive or dyeing of the threads. (9)> Dermatologist Aline Donati (CRM-SP 100.647), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Dermatologist Carla Albuquerque (CRM-SP 100.647) is a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

SP 95.007), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Hairdresser Aloísio Filho, specialist in textures and artistic educator of Matrix

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