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Care free of stress at the end of the year

Care free of stress at the end of the year

Year-end stress takes the serious to the quietest spirits. Imagine then what he does not do with the mood and well-being of a pregnant woman - a situation which, of course, already causes a series of ailments. "Waiting for a baby at this stage requires a good deal of patience and self-knowledge, so as not to harm the woman's or the baby's health," says gynecologist Barbara Murayama, who has been pregnant for 33 weeks. Specialist and patient at the same time, she knows the subject well and is alert to both possible extremes.

"Many pregnant women end up being left out because the family is afraid that they will wear out too much with their shopping and preparation. This causes a lot of dismay and even the feeling of abandonment, "he says. She also cites the reverse problem, when the expectant mother forgets that she needs special care and gets into more tasks than she could bear, threatening her own well-being.

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At the time of shopping

It's impossible not to go shopping for Christmas, even during the last months of pregnancy, but you can not get out crawling with a bunch of bags when your belly weighs during the walk through the mall.

way before leaving the house. And put together a script, dividing the search for gifts into groups. this care is especially valid for women over six months of gestation. "At this stage, the woman is more difficult to walk and breathe, resisting long walks with difficulty," says Barbara Murayama.

Accelerated metabolism still makes pregnant women feel warmer than usual, favoring pressure drops - common problem when temperatures are high.

To protect yourself from the effects of heat, light clothing and low shoes are priorities. "Also take a bottle of water to hydrate as time goes by," says nutritionist Roberta Stella of the Diet and Health . It is also a good idea to always have a company nearby, should you have any unforeseen circumstances.

When you come home, rest is essential: in an airy environment with your windows open, lie down with your legs up (on a cushion, example). The position favors blood circulation and fights swelling of the feet and legs.

Feeding is also important for the pregnant woman who will spend many hours out.

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Pregnant Eating - Pregnant Eating - Pregnant Eating - Pregnant Eating - Pregnant Eating - Pregnant Eating - At suppers

No one falls further into the excuse that pregnant women should eat for two. The behavior is not valid for day to day and, me still, for the commemorative suppers. "Apparent fats and fried foods should be avoided, so that there is no risk of nausea and heartburn," says the gynecologist.

It is also forbidden to stay too long at fast intervals. "Every three hours, quick snacks need to be done to keep blood glucose levels balanced."

Alcoholic beverages, however, are out of the question. There is no safe dose of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. "There is a risk of malformation," says the gynecologist.

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At the beach and at the pool

Care begins with intimate hygiene. "In the depilation, avoid getting the pubic hair completely. Remember that they are part of the protection of the genitals," says the doctor.

The doctor also advises women not to keep their wet bikini after taking a shower. sea ​​or pool.

"If you do not, there is a risk of yeast infection, which can cause candidiasis" - irritation and itching in the genital area are more typical symptoms of the problem. even care always:

- avoid exposure between 10 and 16 hours and never forget the SPF 30 blocker, at least.

"The pregnant woman needs sunshine to help in the absorption of vitamin D, but the rides should be done in the morning or late afternoon, "says the gynecologist.

Vanity and Aging

Vanity and Aging

Good vanity and evil vanity Vanity in psychoanalysis is linked to the concept of narcissism. But to facilitate understanding and avoid theoretical exposure, let's talk more simply. Vanity is natural to the human being. And when in balance, it promotes the health and well-being of the subject. A diminished vanity also has its consequences, since the subject offers little care for himself.


Study shows where 73% of men want to have sex

Study shows where 73% of men want to have sex

Sexual fantasies can help spice up the relationship and contribute to a healthy sex life. To get out of the rut many couples look for different places to get laid, and these changes of habits may be simpler than they seem. Using the different spaces in the house itself serves as an alternative, but the living room, bedroom and kitchen are not favorites .