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Carol Buffara gives healthy eating tips and exercises that define

Carol Buffara gives healthy eating tips and exercises that define

Carol Buffara, 28, is a businesswoman and succeeds. on the social networks. She has more than 300,000 followers at Instagram, where she posts photos of exercise and healthy eating.

In 2011 Carol gained six pounds because she had been unbalanced for six months and had stopped attending the gym regularly. "It took me a while to realize that I had gained weight.We always thought that it was the fault of the pants or that we were more swollen at that time, among other excuses.When I found myself my body had changed and I no longer felt so willing, self-esteem I wanted to try a healthier life, "says Carol.

So in January 2012 she decided to create the Project Carol Buffara (#projetocarolbuffara), in which she shared with her followers of Instagram feeding tips, health, beauty, sports and physical activities. "Today I say that even though it carries my name, it's a project of everyone who seeks to lead a healthier and happier life," celebrates Carol.

In order to lose weight six pounds, Carol changed her lifestyle. "I started to have an increasingly healthy diet, coupled with the intensification of training, the daily exercise routine is very important," he points out.
So much effort has yielded good results. Carol slimmed six pounds and currently weighs 51.5 pounds distributed 1.63 m and its fat percentage is 14.6%. She has just told her story of success in the book Project Carol Buffara, in which she writes about balanced nutrition linked to physical exercise.

Carol's training

Carol Buffara's training is very intense. She knit for two hours a day, five times a week, alternating bodybuilding, running and muay thai. "I discovered muay thai. My body, especially my belly, has dried up. When you see the result the stimulus increases," he says. At weekends Carol still practices outdoor activities such as swimming and jogging.


Before slimming down, Carol only looked at the calories from food and so ate many industrialized. "Today I see what is more nutritious, a juice can have more calories than a light soda, but also have more vitamins, fibers and other nutrients. With that I saw the cellulites disappear, the willingness to work up and the skin and hair to win "Carol now prioritizes healthy eating and seeks to eat every three hours. "In addition, I use some specific and ideal supplements for my body, respecting the routine I take." All indicated by my nutritionist, "she says.

Tips to Motivate You

To lose weight Carol kept a thought in mind. Just for today I'm going to stay away from the bullshit, just for today I'm going to wake up to run, just for today I'm going to sleep early to wake up willingly.In the beginning it takes discipline and effort, but then the results make us want to continue and in a short time I no longer wanted another life, "says Carol.

Sharing your achievements is also a great motivation. "In my case, the followers on Instagram were a great help. Whenever I heard compliments I wanted to improve even more and when I realized that I also motivated them, happiness was doubled."

Tips to escape from stolen

For Carol the important thing is that her followers feel healthy, beautiful, safe and happy! "The #projectcarolbuffara has nothing to do with the dictatorship of thinness, tantrum, butt or anything else, I am in favor of health and against laziness and sedentariness," says Carol.Tips to Set Your Booty:

To keep your butt set, Carol Buffara bets on Leg Press and squatting, the latter preferably on the TRX.

In Carol's opinion, the best exercises to define the arms are those that work the triceps, such as French thread and flexion, and the biceps, such as the direct thread.

Tips to set the legs:

Carol likes to do knee extension exercises and squats with the ball Tips to define the abdomen:

Carol Buffara usually does a lot of abdominal work on the ball and also on the board. On the social network and the internet:

http : //instagram.com/carolbuffara and //carolbuffara.com.br/

See the best attitudes to increase your flexibility

See the best attitudes to increase your flexibility

Flexibility and regular exercises help maintain your breadth of movement with age, and with this your joints are more preserved, less pain and less wear and tear. Some studies have shown that regular stretching can help keep your hips, knees, shoulders and ankles more flexible with age. It is important to observe your posture at work and in daily activities, as poor posture causes muscle shortening, which generates pain and loss of joint amplitude.


Cleaning the house helps to lose weight as much as exercising in the gym

Cleaning the house helps to lose weight as much as exercising in the gym

Practicing short-term activities such as cleaning the house or climbing stairs for at least ten minutes brings the same health benefits as intense workout at the gym for long periods. That's what the Boston University study says. The researchers analyzed 2,109 men and women, with a mean age of 47 years, with more than half being overweight.