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Challenge # EuFeçoPorMim: Understand the benefits of talking to other women

Challenge # EuFeçoPorMim: Understand the benefits of talking to other women

Women carry in essence the ability to deliver projects. When they seek an accomplishment they are untiring. Proof of this is that each time we find women occupying leadership positions in companies and gaining visibility in environments that have long been occupied by men, such as sports, film, literature, science, technology, among others. In addition, most women are increasingly conquering the possibility of choosing the paths they want to follow. Marry, not marry, when and with whom to relate, have children or not. Paying attention to one's needs has become a priority and not an exception.

Taking care of yourself to get further

For women to feel confident in accomplishing their goals, it is vital to take care of themselves. In addition to maintaining healthy habits, it is also important to pay attention to mental health. Make time to do what you like, give vent to feelings, acknowledge and welcome the virtues and limitations that live within.

One way to take care of our mental health is through contact with people. After all, it is in exchange that you get a welcome, close bonds, you have the chance to learn, have fun and recognize each other.

In this special week dedicated to women, My Life proposes to its readers different challenges . It is worth mentioning that they have been designed with one purpose in mind: to make women love each other and to take care of their mental health.

The first challenge we propose is to invite other women to perform the #Design: EuFeçoPorMim. They may be those friends who are always present in your life, the work colleague you feel like approaching, but there is still no opportunity. Or that person that you had a misunderstanding, but believes that a reconciliation is possible.

According to psychoanalyst Cristiane M. Maluf Martin, socializing with other women is healthy at any stage of life because it helps to distract, avoiding stress and alleviating everyday routine.

It is also important to take the time to talk with other women, because they face similar experiences and challenges, have more facilities to understand each other, and strengthened in the face of adversity.

Breaking rivalries

It is common for a woman to feel uncomfortable with the presence of another. The truth is that many of us have been brought up with the idea that the women around us are our rivals. This thought is the reproduction of a chauvinistic logic that benefits us in no way. On the contrary, it makes us feel insecure and judged all the time.

To recognize that other women are not our enemies, they coexist with issues that are very similar to ours, they have needs, virtues and limitations in common with us is a big step towards sorority. The word sorority derives from Latin, "soror", which means sister.

If you do not know feminism, but felt like knowing more, the psychologist and specialist My Life gives some explanations about the concept in this article.

Undoing Us and Creating Ties

Invite the Women You Know to Join in the Challenge # EuFaPorMim can be a time for each to talk about their issues, dreams and achievements.

For psychologist Mariana Bonsaver, from the Pro Matre Paulista maternity ward, sharing personal issues helps in sharing and relieving distress, as well as strengthening complicity in the relationship. "Studies show that when talking about personal issues with friends, the brain produces chemicals that help create and maintain the bond of friendship between women. When that happens, a large amount of oxytocin, a substance that calms and reduces stress. " says the specialist.

This story is part of the challenge # EuFaçoPorMim, an initiative of My Life to encourage you to become the woman of your life. Click here to see more content on the subject.

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