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Choose the right shoe prevents injury at the time of the race

Choose the right shoe prevents injury at the time of the race

When choosing a footwear, it is best not to fall into the trap of paying more attention to the design or brand than to its functionality. This is a common mistake, and it can lead to serious problems at the time of sports practice. The sneakers should be chosen according to the purpose that they will be used. It's no use buying a walking shoe if you're going to run, for example. Another important fact is to remember that sneakers should be comfortable from the start.

I'm looking for in this article, to help people who are looking for the right running shoes to make the right decision without making the most common mistakes. It is necessary to keep in mind what goal you want to achieve with the purchase of different types of footwear.

The correct time for changing shoes varies according to some factors.

A good running shoe should have the following characteristics:

- Soft upper chamber

- Good flexibility

- Sturdy buttress and firm

- Torsional rigidity

- Good shock absorption (low weight sole)

- Good traction and soil adhesion

Specific and individualized models are currently developed, taking into account the different types or corridor patterns, as well as different running modalities. They are usually more expensive, but for those who are looking to run on an almost professional level, it is worth investing in these products.

Shoe changing time

Shoe changing time varies by several factors. It depends on the footwear itself, on the material used to make it, on the conditions and on the surface and on the characteristics of its gait and running style.

On average a running shoe is made to last from 550 to 800 kilometers. The flexibility or stiffness of the footwear must be periodically revised as they change over time and will no longer provide protection; the same should be done by evaluating the alignment and firmness of the upper part of the footwear. The evaluation can be done by putting the shoes on a table and looking from behind, thus conferring integrity and degree of wear, deformity is a sign of wear.

Athletic shoes are important tools for prevention and treatment of sports injuries, being able to participate in the mechanism of energy absorption, as well as confer stability and control of movements. This equipment, however, is also involved in the appearance of the injuries, which is a concern factor for the health and education professional, as well as generating research and development in the sports industry.

Do not get carried away by vendors who they want to advise you about which footwear to use for cases of bad plantar support, consult your specialist doctor in the area and he will definitely help you.

Body balance blend Tai-Chi, Pilates, Yoga and music

Body balance blend Tai-Chi, Pilates, Yoga and music

Imagine a gym class with stretching and posture exercises? Now mix martial arts, pilates and yoga techniques, all in 60 minutes. This is the body balance, a method that allows high caloric expenditure and body balance. Created in New Zealand, the body-balancing class takes place in an hour of class, which is governed by 10 to 11 songs, which have a specific function, according to the body's needs to become accustomed to physical exercises.


Broadway Dance: lesson mix dance steps and interpretation

Broadway Dance: lesson mix dance steps and interpretation

How about moving the body and pretending to be a great style dancer? Invest in Broadway Dance! As its name suggests, it is a mix of dance with the choreography of consecrated musicals such as "Fama", "Chicago", "Footloose" and "Cabaret." These are just some of the references in this class of the academy Formula, from São Paulo, which brings together body awareness with high doses of fun.