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Choose the right product to straighten your hair

Choose the right product to straighten your hair

If you have curly, curly or bulky hair and do not like the effect, change the shape of the curls or volume as desired.

There are several brands of products and chemical base formulas available on the market. But first of all you need to test the hair strand to find out the chemical compatibility.

Just to give you an idea, there are more than five types of chemical bases for smoothing hair. The most commonly used are ammonia, ethanolamine, calcium hydroxides and sodium hydroxides. But now, it is fashionable to use the ammonia derivatives, which are actually compatible with the colorations and are much softer.

However, it is worth remembering that, in blond or discolored hair, there is a restriction on all smoothing chemicals . Hydroxides are widely used nowadays, mainly in the midwest and southeastern region of Brazil, as they smooth the hair much more.

This treatment is indicated for afro, thick and very bulky hair. If you have slightly wavy hair or thin wires, the best option is to choose the derivatives of ethanolamine or monoethanolamine, because they are soft and just relax the wires, causing that over time, the hair will return to the natural. "For blond or discolored hair, there is a restriction on all smoothing chemicals."

Check step by step

It is important to emphasize that these products should always be handled by a professional since it is almost impossible to do the treatment alone , because first you have to do a wicking test and usually this wick is made in the upper part of the hair.

The next step is to identify the pause time and the type of product that we are going to use, and how compatible with your hair. In general, these hair straighteners will average 15 to 30 minutes on the threads.

It should not be applied to hair with excess creams or silicone livings, as it may retain the action of the product. Remember to not wash your hair in the day and before applying the product, we have to put a scalp protector.

Then pass the application two centimeters away from the root, always starting in the back of the head and , in fine wicks, to pass the product without saving, otherwise there will be parts that will be without effect.

After obeying to the time of pause, one should wash the hair abundantly, soon to make a hydration, that will be very important to restore

Afterwards the neutralization must be carried out and every 15 days the vitamins and keratin must be replaced in the threads so that they do not dry out.

A very important tip is to never over-straighten the threads. Always relax or defrise. No extremely straight hair, as they may look fake. The treatment can be done every 3, 4 months.

Currently there are progressive brushes on the market, smart brushes, which are a promise to be natural, but beware, they may contain high doses of formalin and undoubtedly, can do very poor health.

Before choosing your hair treatment make a test, consult a good hairdresser, so there is no disappointment with a straightening, as you know that no cosmetic product is bad or drops hair. This will only happen if a hairdresser makes a mistake.

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