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CINETOSIS IS THE Cause Of Nausea During Long Travel

CINETOSIS IS THE Cause Of Nausea During Long Travel

It is common for people to suffer from nausea, dizziness and even vomiting on trips by car, ship, boat or plane. What few people know is that these complications have a specific name and treatment and are caused by bumps, accelerations, decelerations, and rhythmic or abrupt movements that occur during the journey. My Life spoke to experts in the subject who explained why kinesis , or Evil Movement, occurs and how to treat it.

Why do people get sick?

The neurosurgeon of the Column Group of Hospital das Clínicas Alexandre Meluzzi explains that the organ responsible for movement is an extension in our system and has a structure called the vestibule, popularly known as the labyrinth.

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This organ has three semicircle-shaped channels, all filled with a viscous liquid called the endolymph. The interior of these canals is lined by cells with various eyelashes attached to nerve endings, which are in contact with our central nervous system. The movements our head undergoes during travels cause the fluid to move, diverting the eyelashes and generating impulses that reach the central nervous system. Our nervous system, in turn, responds to these impulses with the sensation of nausea, which can cause nausea and vomiting. Experts call this temporary "vestibular disease," or motion sickness. Alexandre points out that this stimulus can even generate an inflammation in the organ of balance, intensifying the symptoms and causing a kind of labyrinthitis.

"Maintaining a positive attitude can make a difference", says Alexandre

The physician, Fernando Pochini, of the São Luiz Hospital in São Paulo, recommends that the person choose places in the vehicle. where the range of motion is smaller, such as the middle seat of the car or the central parts - on the plane or ship - instead of the tips.

In the case of cars, Alexander also recommends traveling at reduced speed, making wider curves "As there are psychological factors involved, maintaining a positive attitude can make a difference," says neurosurgeon Alexandre, who gives a list of recommendations if

- Make the stops if possible in the case of cars;

- Reclining the seat when possible;

- Cooling the body;

- Do not drink too much liquid or food before traveling; >

- Avoid reading during travel,

- Do not look out of the window and into moving objects

- Do posture and relaxation exercises,

- Do not drink alcohol, it aggravates the symptoms; > - Rest and sleep to help control the symptoms.

Rehabilitation of balance can also be done through so-called vestibular exercises. "They are repetitive exercises with the eyes, head and body in order to create a sensory conflict, causing the adjustment of the balance function," explains the otorhinolary Fernando Pochini.

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Recommended Medications

If you already know that you are going to be sick during the trip, a good request is to use some type of medication that inhibits the symptoms of motion sickness before they even occur. The most commonly used medications are metoclorpropramide, flunarizine, dimenhydrin, and central vomit inhibitors, such as ondansetron. It is important to note, however, that every medication should be indicated by a trusted physician.

The action of these drugs is simple. According to Alexander Meluzzi, they may inhibit central nucleus receptors and control symptoms very effectively. "However, these drugs decrease brain activity, reduce motor reflexes, decrease peripheral perception of stimuli, and cause drowsiness "warns Alexandre.

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For those who are adept at natural medicine and suffer from the Evil of Motion, the general practitioner and scholar of plants medicinal plants Alex Botsaris recommends ginger as a holy remedy for this malaise. "The tea should be consumed three times a day of travel, two to four grams of the plant in the form of a fresh root for every 150 ml of water" says the clinician, who adds: "Acupuncture also has scientific evidence to act on the disease of the movement. A needle application can be done before the trip."

There are also specialists who indicate the vitamin B6 present in brown rice, germ of wheat, oats, peanuts, nuts and potatoes, and magnesium - present in dark green leaves such as spinach and endive - to help reduce symptoms.

In addition, Alexandre recalls the importance of hydration and replenishment of lost salts with the minerals. vomiting. Ginger tea, according to the clinician Alex, can also be taken after the onset of symptoms.

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