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Coach of the celebrities explains the secret to losing weight

Coach of the celebrities explains the secret to losing weight

Know when you see on the cover of the magazine or on the internet those subjects that they show a famous one who lost weight and soon after that comes that inner voice that says: "She only managed because she is famous" Well it is.

To see if this story is true, My Life talked with the professional athlete of bodybuilding and physical educator Gabriela Dezan, who is also a life coach and has been helping many celebrities to lose weight, such as the actresses Fernanda Vasconcellos, Nívea Stelmann, Tânia Mara and currently also helping the singer Simone, of the country folk Simone and Simaria to improve their eating habits .

According to her, the secret of weight loss has nothing to do with fame. "In order to lose weight, it is necessary to have dedication, exercise, eat right, eliminate white flour, fry, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes. This combination of physical exercise and healthy eating, we already know. But there is a differential that often ends up being ignored: follow the diet to the letter and do not make a hole. According to Gabriela, eating correctly from Monday to Friday and exaggerating at the weekend makes it difficult to lose weight. Or, opening an exception and sticking to the diet in one day and compensating for eating less in another also causes the results to take longer to appear.

It's this kind of slip that Gabriela helps her clients do not commit. Those who conduct sports orientation with her and her team win a training protocol and a personalized diet to follow for 30 days. These plans are drawn up by professionals from different fields, including Daniel Dezan, a sports and nutrition specialist, a doctor of high performance training and Gabriela's husband.

For the creation of diet and exercise protocol, photos are analyzed and a questionnaire answered by the client. In addition to the customized plan, the program includes follow-up via whatsapp, evaluation of recent photos and regular adjustments to the feed protocol.

Much of the consultancy is done online and Gabriela makes a point of being always present in the lives of her advisors. Acting as a "general" within the program, as she says, the coach gives scoldings, collects results, guides, motivates and gives feedback. But it also does not save compliments when one of its clients reaches a satisfactory result.

It is not everyone who is able to follow the method proposed by Gabriela and there have been people who have abandoned the program. "It could say that of the 200 clients we attended monthly two years ago, about 5% gave up, the rest can radically change the head and the physique," he says.

Gabriela's discipline with her students is the same as she it continues in its feeding and that enabled him to conquer different prizes within the sport. Currently she has four titles: Paraná Bodybuilding Champion 2014, Brazilian Bodybuilding Champion 2014, World Bodybuilding Champion 2015, PanAmerican Bodybuilding Champion 2016.

Among the foods she consumes to take care of health are: chicken, fish, rice wholemeal, salad, vegetables, fruits and lots of water. The coach follows a regulated diet. In addition, the athlete also performs bodybuilding, cardiovascular training and HIIT training.

But Gabriela's discipline was not always like this. "I spent many years cheating on me, I was on a diet from Monday to Friday and I used to go on weekends, I wondered why the belly did not dry? people with a flat stomach used to have that abdomen, "he recalls.

When she decided to start competing, Gabriela started following a well-rounded diet with no holes. That's when the results started to appear.

And the motivation: how does it go?

No matter how much the diet plan is in full swing, they have days that it does not. The motivation goes away and the only solution that seems possible is to eat just that food that is banned from the diet.

When these moments happen, Gabriela says it is important to stay focused: "There are things that must be done because they are certain, and for our own good, "he adds.

Furthermore, according to her, at that stage when the diet gets a bit cloying it is time to use creativity to prepare the dishes. The alternatives are many: to vary the seasoning, to vary the form of preparation, to use different spices like coriander, Calabrian pepper, basil, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger are some of the indicated spices to take the diet of the monotony. is not easy

More than losing weight, making a diet aims to change habits that have often been repeated for years, sometimes even for a lifetime. This change in behavior is not easy, even as the foods that need to be avoided in the diet are just those that are difficult to resist. "

" People think I got used to stop eating sweets, which I do not like pizza. I love pizza and ice cream, "he says. More than being a disciplined person to stay focused on a healthy life, Gabriela is a professional who believes in the transformative potential that each carries within her. For those who are keen to take diet seriously and improve eating habits, it gives five tips. Check it out:

Eating every three hours

Gabriela says she always recommends her advisers to eat every three hours so that they do not feel hungry. "If the student gets hungry, he may end up eating food that he should not and should not eat more than he should."

Drinking water

By increasing activity in the nervous system, and thus raising the energy level spent, The habit of drinking water constantly also promotes weight loss.

Plan food

It can often be difficult for those who stay most of the day away from home to keep themselves in the diet. So, the best thing to do not to stick is to plan your food so you do not get hungry, Gabriela advises.

Try to have only healthy food at home

To keep eating healthy, it's important to stay away from " temptations ". This is because in a time of very hungry or those times when you feel like eating bullshit it is easier to stick to the diet if there are fatty and caloric foods around.

Set deadline not to stick to the diet

It is very difficult to maintain the diet if it has no beginning, middle and end. Therefore, Gabriela advises that it is important to establish deadlines. In addition, it is important to create goals that are possible, such as starting with two weeks, then one month. This attitude is also a way to go beyond limits and feel encouraged to move forward with healthy eating.

Curry component can help in cancer treatment

Curry component can help in cancer treatment

The 21 patients with cancer of the head or neck who participated in the study underwent saliva tests before and after chewing two turmeric tablets. The analysis showed that there were fewer cancer cells after consumption of the curry component. Turmeric, however, does not replace traditional treatments to decrease the multiplication of cancer cells, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but it can also be used to treat cancer.


Soy lecithin is allied to the brain and controls cholesterol

Soy lecithin is allied to the brain and controls cholesterol

If there is a controversial food that time is pointed out as beneficial and time as villain, this one has name: SOYA. The reason soy is being questioned, according to the group of ecologically correct activists, is that today it is genetically modified, that is, transgenic, a word that scares more than it really means something perverse to health, at least based on studies The current evidence still lingers in the sense of understanding that various nutrients found in soybeans, which are still present in the diet, are not yet able to prove this fact, but that only time, with continuous use in human food, have potential health benefits.