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Cooked, fried or roasted: every form of food preparation has pros and cons

Cooked, fried or roasted: every form of food preparation has pros and cons

Time to run away from restaurants fast food, a lot of people get in the way: what kind of preparation do you prefer? Are fried foods never a good alternative? To get these and other questions, we went after a nutritionist who specializes in tasty and successful diets. Next, MyVida nutritionist Karina Gallerani explains the pros and cons of the most common types of preparation. Making time in the kitchen is important. But this can not be done at the expense of your health, he says.


Cook: A technique in which food is prepared in water or steam until it has a soft consistency.

Adding food when the water is already boiling decreases the loss of nutrients. So when we want to get tasty meat, or more nutritious vegetables, we should put them when the water is already boiling. Steaming food in the steam is also quite healthy. Legumes, such as beans, soybeans and lentils, contain substances that hinder the absorption of some minerals. Heating eliminates these substances and facilitates the absorption of the proteins of these vegetables, so important for those who live without the meat.

Disadvantages: Adding the food to cook when the water is still cold brings losses of its significant nutrients.


As it is: consists of the cooking of food by the indirect application of heat from boiling water.

> Advantages: Minerals and vitamins in food are best preserved, as there are no losses by diffusion, as in water.

Disadvantages: This type of cooking is a bit slower than cooking in water.

This type of cooking is slightly slower than cooking in water. Pressure cooker

As it is: in the pressure cooker, the food is cooked in superheated steam.

Advantages: The pressure promoted inside the pan increases the temperature to more than 100ºC, time of cooking.

Disadvantages: however, although smaller than in traditional cooking, there is still loss of vitamins and other nutrients from the food. They are lost to the water used in the procedure.

Tip: It is best to cook the food with the peel. Besides conserving many more vitamins, this process allows less waste (after cooking, just pass the hand as the bark comes out completely). The amount of water is also important: food should be cooked as little as possible. The ideal is to place them when the liquid is already boiling and preserve the pan sealed. To take advantage of all the vitamins and proteins in food, this water can also be used to make rice, beans, lentils and pasta. Avoid placing baking soda to enhance the green color of foods such as broccoli, pod and cabbage. That's because they lose some of the B vitamins and vitamin C when boiled with baking.


Braising is frying low-fat foods. Stir-frying should be done on low heat, adding water until the food has a soft consistency. Advantages:

Adding water gradually, you can achieve the crispest texture. Disadvantages:

The excessive amount of fat, used by many people, increases the calories of the food. Tip:

Ideally, the food should be al dente, a term that defines the cooking point and leaves the crispy vegetables to bite them. Thus, the nutrients are preserved and the food acquires the correct consistency. Too much cooking weakens food fibers, do not do that. In the case of vegetables, eating them raw is the way to make the most of it.

How to: Consume the food in its form in natura .

Advantages: its nutrients, lost during prolonged cooking.

Disadvantages: The risk of contamination by bacteria, when eating these foods, is great when the origin of the products is unknown. Inquire about the whole process of handling, preserving and sanitizing these foods before they reach the table.

Hint: eating raw has nothing to do with lack of care, taste or quality. The first step is to wash the food in running water. Also give preference to foods grown without pesticides. If in doubt about chemical additives, use a brush in the sanitizing process and then a clean cloth to wipe. If you have a centrifuge, there is no need to peel the fruit or vegetable, such as carrots, tomatoes and beets, it is enough that they are well cleaned. Avoid crushing too much of the fruit in the blender (if any) so that you do not lose the fiber and vitamins.


As it is: Grills are made by placing the food on a very hot surface (plate, grill).


Grilled meats do not require fat for cooking. It is a very fast and advisable procedure for a fat-free diet. Disadvantages:

Because it is a quick procedure, it is possible that the interior of the food is slightly raw, which is not ideal, since the most commonly used foods in this type of preparation are the meats (prone to contamination when they are not properly cooked). Hint:

To maintain the juice of the meat when grilling, the two sides of the fillet must be sealed. Thus, it does not lose juiciness and tenderness. Do so: brown the surface of the meat quickly on the grill or pan, avoiding the loss of the natural juices of the meat. After having the toasted meat on both sides, leave it on the far side of the fire until it reaches the desired point.

Fried / breaded As is:

consists of submerging a natural or breaded food in an oil bath at 180º C. The surface of the food becomes golden brown quickly. Advantages:

The nutritional quality of the fried foods does not diminish significantly, since the frying time is short. If the oil is very hot, the absorption of fat by the food is less. Disadvantages:

adds many calories to food as it is a fat-based method. Hint:

frying is of good quality, one must:

- Regularly change the frying oil;

- Never let the oil reach the point of smoke, since this means that it has reached its critical temperature , which poses risks to health. Extreme heat detonates the production of toxic substances because it damages the chemical structure of the fat molecule. The smoke coming out of the pan is not only caused by heating, but also by the decomposition of the oil that produces a compound: cro- fline, which attacks the mucous membrane of the stomach and plays a part in the formation of bad cholesterol. , by placing them on absorbent paper,

- Change the frying paper until the food is dry, this is because the food can reabsorb the oil that was left in the paper.


How it is: cooking the food under the action of dry heat (roasting) at high temperatures in forms or roasting, capped or uncovered.

Advantages: cooking in the oven favors the conservation of nutrients, since a protective particle is formed in the food , concentrating the minerals. In addition, when roasting a meat, for example, it is possible to despise much of its fat without it losing its flavor.Disadvantages:

can dry out the food. But avoid sprinkling it with the broth which loosens as the preparation progresses. In general, this broth has a large amount of fat. When watering the food, a large part of the previously lost fat is reabsorbed, increasing the caloric value of your meal. Tip:

to bake a meat, it is best to salt it when it is golden. Otherwise the salt can suck the juices from the meat making it dry.

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One-fifth of the population will be obese by 2025

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