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Correct 7 common habits that keep you from having a moisturized skin

Correct 7 common habits that keep you from having a moisturized skin

A smooth, silky, smooth, hydrated skin is a dream of many people, but it is not as difficult to conquer as it seems. Some common everyday habits may be disturbing you in this project. Find out what they are and how to adjust their routine to make the skin more moisturized and beautiful. Check here:

Forget to make skin hydration

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Skin hydration is important to ensure the integrity of the skin barrier, which prevents peeling and also appearance of an opaque appearance of the skin. In addition to preventing the installation of opportunistic infections, they are bacterial or fungal.

The skin has a layer, called a hydrolipidic mantle, very important for hydration. It is responsible for the natural protection of the skin against the entry of unwanted microorganisms, and also retains hydration (water and fat) inside the skin. When the skin is not hydrated, this retention is impaired and the skin becomes dry and opaque.

The reconstruction of the protective layer can be made from the use of moisturizers. To achieve a satisfactory result, it is important to use moisturizers specific to your skin type. "The use of the wrong moisturizer may, for example, worsen the situation of people with contact dermatitis, because if they use products with dyes or perfumes, they may have irritations, as well as who has dry skin and uses a gel moisturizer may end up drying the skin even more. "

Furthermore, those who have sensitive skin should always prefer a product that does not contain parabens, a substance that can cause reactions Dermatologist Abdo Salomão Jr., effective partner of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and PhD from the University of São Paulo (USP), explains that "dry skin must be hydrated at least twice a day - one morning and another After bathing, people with more oily skin can only use the products once a day after bathing. "

Taking hot baths

The bath time is critical for the skin because , although it is the time when we remove impurities, it can also be an important factor for dryness. The hot water affects the hydrolipidic mantle causing it to lose a certain amount of oil and water, leaving the skin dry.

Therefore, "the first thing to not worsen the dryness is not to take a very hot bath, but rather warm or cold, and it should be quick, "says Meire Brasil Parada, a dermatologist at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

Do not invest in other skin products

It is common not to consider bathing as an integral part of ritual of skin care, but what you should understand is that the hydration of the skin needs to start already in the bath.

To have a moisturized skin, not only is the moisturizer, all products that you use can interfere in the appearance of their skin, but, among them, the soap deserves a special highlight. "At the time of the bath, you should choose hygiene products that respect the natural balance of the skin, protecting the hydrolipidic mantle" says Juliana.

It is also no use to use makeup, tonics, emollients and several other products with dubious marks or Homemade recipes without proof as they can damage your skin. As the dermatologist Carolina explains, the more dermatological lines are clinically tested and precisely because of this they are safer.

Pass the moisturizer with dry skin

It is not necessary to wet the skin to pass the moisturizer, but "it is better absorbed in up to three minutes after bathing, "explains Carla Albuquerque, dermatologist member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and American Academy of Dermatology. This is because as the skin is still moist, the products would be easier to maintain this hydration, and the skin is more "permeable", facilitating its entry.Rubbing the skin with force

Just as hot water can interfere with skin hydration, rubbing can also be harmful. "During the bath, just by passing the soap and the bush, it is possible to remove the protective layer and end up opening the pores, making them susceptible to the environment," says Solomon. exfoliating is not recommended for people with dry skin as it can become irritated, "teaches Juliana Annunciato, dermatologist at the Essenza Clinic.

Even moisturizers need to be passed calmly without applying excessive force to the skin. Dermatologist Carla explains that the correct way to use moisturizers is to "spread the product in a circular motion, massaging the area well."

Spend less or more moisturizing than necessary

Have balance when using the moisturizer too is important, since passing less or more than the skin needs can be harmful. "Getting too moisturizing, especially on the face, neck or back, can cause acne," says Salomão.

Dry skin is opaque, with fine flakes, with no light, and may even look as if it is "broken" . In the most severe cases, dry skin may even scratch. That is, in addition to the aesthetic problem, skin without adequate hydration can evolve into more worrying conditions of skin diseases, such as eczema.

Not drinking enough water

Water corresponds to 70% of our body and all the cells need it. "It is essential for the maintenance, physiology and proper functioning of the body," says Dr. Andrea Bottoni, specialist in nutrology at the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz. However, most of this water - just like the other nutrients we eat - goes to the essential organs, the ones that keep us alive.

So the skin and hair are not the first places to get water in the body. Therefore, to keep them beautiful and healthy, it is important to have some nutrients and water. Knowing this, do not forget that it is essential to drink plenty of water. To know how much water your body needs, you can multiply your weight by 35 ml of water. For example, if a person weighs 65 kilograms, they should consume 2.3 liters of water per day.

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