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Cryolipolysis works? Understand this treatment

Cryolipolysis works? Understand this treatment

Developed by researchers at Harvard University in the United States, cryolipolysis uses low temperatures to break down localized fat. The device is placed on the surface of the skin, causing the fat cells to be frozen at negative temperatures to be destroyed. Dermatologist Cláudio Mutti, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that in contact with the low temperature, fat cells - called adipocytes - break completely. As a result, the body understands that they are no longer part of the organism and expel them naturally. The treatment has been so successful that it is being called "the new liposuction", with the difference that unlike this method, cryolipolysis is not a surgical procedure.

How is cryolipolysis

made? / coolsculpting

Cryolipolysis is done with the aid of a specific device whose applicators fit perfectly into the different areas of the body. The endocrinologist Danilo Hofling, of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, says that the tip of the device performs a powerful vacuum that promotes suctioning of the skin and the localized portion of fat. At the same time, intense and controlled cooling of fat destroys fat cells. Controlled cooling acts to selectively damage adipose cells, which are more sensitive to cold, without causing any damage to nearby nerves, muscles, and other structures. "In practice what happens is the death of the fat cell," he explains.

The cryolipolysis apparatus is adapted to each area of ​​the body. "For the belly region there is a large tip, and the lower tip is used for the back and lateral lugs," explains dermatologist Mariana Barbato of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

The elimination of the structures of adipocytes destroyed with low temperature is made by the immune system and the fat inside the cells is led to the liver by the lymphatic system for its metabolization. Since the lymphatic system takes only a small amount of fat daily to be metabolized, there is no danger of liver overload in this process.

Cryolipolysis Indications

Cryolipolysis is not a treatment for overweight or obesity. It is an option for people who have localized fat in some body regions, the famous little tire. According to the manufacturer, the procedure eliminates even fat that can not be combated with diet and exercise.

Application areas

Cryolipolysis can be done only on certain parts of the body, those that fit well tips. It is not possible to do on the face, for example, because the applicator does not fit. "The patient will be able to treat areas of any size with cryolipolysis, but in a larger area the procedure should be divided into two moments in the same section, so that the entire area is treated, "explains dermatologist Mariana Barbato.

Who can apply

Marks that market the cryolipolysis device require one physician to be responsible for the procedure, and if another Care should be taken to follow this procedure closely.

Cares prior to cryolipolysis

No specific preparation is required for cryolipolysis. Dermatologist Mariana Barbato says that the person can consume food and exercise normally before and after treatment. "Also, no laboratory test is required to undergo the technique."

Cryolipolysis can be done any time of the year, even in the summer, but if the idea is that results are noticed at the beach station and the sun , the ideal is to program before, since the complete result takes two to three months to appear.

Pain during the procedure

Dermatologist Mariana Barbato explains that there may be pain at the moment of suction provided by the device, but after freezing the fat the region becomes anesthetized. "There may also be discomfort when removing the applicator, but nothing too intense," he says. "Bruising is not frequent, but when it does appear it is a passenger."

Duration of the cryolipolysis session

Dermatologist Maria Paula Del Nero, also of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that the treatment time for an area of ​​20 by 20 centimeters lasts approximately one hour. The good news is that cryolipolysis can be done in more than one region on the same day without risk to the patient.

Cryolipolysis results

Plaid belly - photo: Getty Images

Dermatologist Mariana Barbato explains that one or two sessions are enough to bring results. But there are cases where more sessions are needed. From the tenth day the fat breakdown may already be visible, but the maximum effect happens two to three months after the session. "It's possible to measure the difference in the tape measure, but the best way to do comparison is through before-and-after photographs in the same position," explains the specialist. In a single session, scientific studies at Harvard point to a reduction of 20% to 25% of the fat located in the treated region. Of course, the results vary from person to person.

Dermatologist Tatiana Jerez of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology says that if the fat removed in the first session was not enough, a second session could be done about two months after the first in the same place. "There are no maintenance sessions, to maintain the result obtained should avoid weight gain, through healthy habits: balanced diet and physical activity practice."

Cellulite and flaccidity

There is no scientific evidence of that cryolipolysis improves cellulite and flaccidity. "But it is possible to see an improvement in the appearance of cellulite, due to the reduction of localized fat, which is the focus of the treatment", explains the dermatologist Mariana. The sagging may even increase with the treatment. In this case, other treatments, such as radiofrequency, can be associated to treat this aspect.


Dermatologist Mariana Barbato explains that not everyone can do cryolipolysis, it is necessary to undergo a detailed evaluation before. Cryolipolysis is contraindicated for people who are sensitive to cold - such as who has hives, for example - with hernias at the site of application, skin infections, for pregnant women, and for those who have recently undergone surgery. For those who want to lose weight, it is worth remembering that the method combats localized fat and not excess weight, since it does not reach fat in all areas of the body or even the visceral fat that deposits between the organs. complications

There may be pain at the site after the procedure, and may last up to a week. In case of major pain, analgesics can be used. In addition to pain, swelling and bruising are also common to see, regressing completely with the passing of days.

When the procedure is done by people who are not able to do so or with uncertified appliances, complications such as burns and

Cryolipolysis price

According to the company that produces CoolSculpting, a pioneering device that was developed at Harvard for cryolipolysis, the price of the session ranges from R $ 1,500 to Dermatologist Cláudio Mutti (CRM / SP: 59687), member of the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Endocrinologist Danilo Hofling. (CRM / SP: 55221), member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dermatologist Mariana Barbato (CRM / SC: 10877), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

Dermatologist Tatiana Jarez (CRM: 116926), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

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