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Crystal brush: a technique that promises to recover yarn shine

Crystal brush: a technique that promises to recover yarn shine

The progressive crystal brush is a method of smoothing and reducing hair volume, also reducing frizz. It is a type of progressive brush that gets its name because, each time this procedure is performed, the hair has better results in these questions.

The name of the crystal brush refers to the properties of its formula, which promise the lost sparkle of the wires. Contrary to what may seem, this type of progressive brush does not carry crystal follicles in its composition, but rather a toning agent that enhances hair shine.

However, one must always be aware of the formula, since different brands may

Initially progressive brushes used to have formaldehyde, but as the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) has determined that the products used in these procedures may have a different name, with different compositions and therefore different results. at most 0.2% of this chemical element in its concentration, due to health risks, today it has been practically withdrawn from the formula.

Indications of the crystal brush

The method is indicated as a form of smoothing, in addition of removing the frizz and the volume of the hair. Usually it is indicated for women who have curly and bulky hair, but contraindicated for women with Afro hair, as these wires tend to be more porous, so they can be damaged by the method.

How to make a crystal brush

In the salon, the first step is to wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Then the hair is dried and the hairdresser applies the product. Then the hair is dried again with the product and the professional then models the wires with the flat iron, allowing them to be smooth. Finally, a rinse is done and a treatment cream is applied to finish.

Today, most brushes are made with carbocysteine, an amino acid that opens the structures of the wire, which allows smoothing to be done later with the action of the chapinha. However, in order for the hair to be straightened out, the wires must be closed again. At that moment the formaldehyde worked, but although the quantity recommended by Anvisa is the safest for health, it is not enough for the product to achieve its effect. For this reason, it is usually replaced by ammonium thioglycollate and etalonamine, substances similar to it, but which cause much less damage to the hair.

Among the damages caused by formaldehyde in health we can list burn, scaling of the scalp, shortness of breath, burning in the eyes, shortness of breath, cough, headache, nausea, vomiting, fainting. However, some products may still have formaldehyde in their formulation. It is easy to see this when the product releases smoke, since this product has a characteristic smell. But, in order not to be taken by surprise at the time, the ideal is to ask to check if the packaging is written that contains formaldehyde or polyform.

The composition of the progressive brush crystal varies greatly according to the brand. In general, what sets it apart from other types of brushes is the use of a colorless toner, which revives the natural color of the strands and regains the lost brilliance. However, you should always be aware of the formula, because what many brands call crystal brush is not really a straightening, but a capillary treatment to enhance the brightness of the wires. In addition, there may be crystal brushes that are progressive and others that are definitive, and there are those that, despite the prohibition of Anvisa, still carry formaldehyde in its composition. Therefore, the most important thing is not to be stuck in the name of the product itself, because the brands are free to give their name to what they sell, but to the product formula, to ensure that the promised results will be fact reached.


The effects of the progressive crystal brush last for three to five months, depending on the hair and the number of washes, since the product tends to come out the longer the wires are washed. Usually, the time to redo the treatment is when the root has already grown and begins to bother. It is called progressive because every time this procedure is performed, hair has better results in smoothing and reducing frizz and volume.

Who is the professional who can make the glass brush?

A Progressive crystal brush is a complex procedure that stirs chemicals that require attention. For this reason, it should be done with a reliable hairdresser, and should never be done at home or in a place you do not trust.

Caring for the glass brush

No special care needed

Care after a progressive brush

After progressive brushing, it is best to avoid using deep cleaning or anti-waste shampoos, as they reduce the duration of the effect of this procedure. In addition, it is very indicated that hydration is done more often, since the progressive dries very well the ends of the hair and also can make them elastic, as it changes the distribution of keratin along the wires. But do not do any moisturizing with deep cleansing, or it will act the same as shampoo for that purpose.

When washing your hair, use a generous amount of conditioner to reduce the brittleness of the hair. Moisturize often and avoid discoloration or dyeing hair at short intervals after the procedure, as this may potentiate damage. If your hair becomes brittle and frizz, stop doing the procedure and wait for the growth of new yarns that will replace damaged hair.

Another important care is to avoid wet hair sleeping as this changes the structure of the yarn, it does not matter if you have made a progressive brush or not!


People with sensitive scalp and very oily hair should not make the progressive crystal brush because it causes even more tenderness and oiliness in the leather. In addition, people with virgin hair are not totally contraindicated, but usually do not get the best results when doing this technique.

Avoid this procedure if your hair is too curly, as it will not work for hair straightening and straightening.

The progressive crystal brush is also not suitable for hair with high porosity, which gives them a scarred appearance and leaves them brittle. The plate used to straighten the threads is very hot (about 200 degrees), which can increase breakage and fall.

Pregnant can do?

Ideally pregnant women should always consult a reliable obstetrician before pass the procedure. Although formaldehyde and other chemicals are prohibited by law, a small amount of 0.2% may still be in the formula of some progressive brushes, which can cause harm to the health of the baby and the pregnant woman. Therefore, in doubt, it is best to avoid or thoroughly consult the product formula before it is applied.

Possible Complications of the Crystal Brush

In general, progressive brushes made with formaldehyde above the concentration recommended by Anvisa, that is, 0.2% of the product, can cause various health problems, such as burns, scaling of the scalp, hair loss, burning eyes, shortness of breath, coughing, headache, nausea, vomiting, fainting, others.

In addition, some professionals may make a mistake at the time of making the chap. These devices can reach a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius, while the hair can withstand a maximum of 200ºC. When using the iron at maximum temperature, the hair fibers are burned and the hair is damaged, but this is only noticed after a while, when the product of the progressive begins to leave the wires.Before and after the crystal brush

In general, the hairs are smooth and without volume, with a reduction in the frizz effect of the wires. Sometimes, however, hair can look plump, as volume and waves are completely removed. This is because the progressive brush leaves a residue, which can accumulate in the wires, making them more and more smooth. If your hair has flattened and you do not like the result, you can talk to your hairdresser and make use of a curler rebuilder, which causes the wires to gain ripple. But if you want volume without clusters, the only solution is to wait for the product to come out of the hair.

Alie the crystal brush with ...

Hydration It is very important to hydrate continuously after the progressive brush, even if it is at home. The process helps keep the yarn shiny and well-nourished, which is important because progressive tends to dry the threads, especially the tips.

The progressive crystal brush can be combined with several other types of chemistry, such as smoothing and coloring Dermatologist Carolina Marçon (CRM-SP: 113,379), a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, has been a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (CRM-SP: 119,415) (SBD)

Hair stylist Gennaro Preite, hairstylist and beauty consultant of the Brush brand Condor

Hair stylist Marcos Coraza, by Gilberto Cabeleireiros in São Paulo

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