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Crystal egg to improve sex: experts point to risk

Crystal egg to improve sex: experts point to risk

With the promise of improving the sexual life of women, actress Gwyneth Paltrow started selling crystal eggs on her lifestyle site: Goop. According to the site, eggs would help improve vaginal muscle tone, balance hormones and female energy in general.

Eggs are made from different materials, such as pink quartz and jade, measure about 4 cm and can be used by women of different ages as long as they are sexually active. The site also explains that before introducing the egg into the vagina it is necessary to boil it to sanitize it. It is also recommended to place it under the light of a full moon as a way to cleanse its energies.

Female health physiotherapist Mônica Lopes states that there is no scientific evidence that crystal eggs provide health benefits for the woman. And believe that using the product can be harmful. The following are the dangers of Gwyneth Paltrow's crystal eggs

Risk of vaginal infection

Instructions for use of crystal eggs mean that the product is used at bedtime or for longer periods. According to Monica, the use of crystal eggs for long periods can cause the object to accumulate bacteria and cause an infection in the vaginal region. Similarly, because it is made of a porous material, crystal eggs can

False promise of more orgasms and hormonal balance

One of the promises of vaginal eggs would be to enable the woman to achieve more orgasms during intercourse. Among many factors, pleasure in sexual intercourse is more tied to the psychological issue of women than to the use of the crystal egg.

In this case, the achievement of orgasms would be more related to complicity with the partner ), with a knowledge of the body and stimulation at the time of sexual intercourse. Therefore, according to Monica, the use of the stone would not make a difference.

Furthermore, for the gynecologist Licia Costa, of Hapvida Saúde, the accessory is not able to perform any hormonal changes, since it acts superficially in the woman's body. "A simple work of the pelvic muscles can not influence the hormones, which are regulated by glands in our body." A stone can not penetrate this axis, which has its own system of control and functioning, "he points out. all women

According to the Goop website any woman can use the crystal egg to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. It is important to remember that it is not all women who need strengthening in the pelvic muscles. This is because some women, especially those who feel pain during sexual intercourse and have vaginismus, already have the natural tonicity in the region and actually need to relax the region, instead of increasing the tonicity of place. necessary gynecological guidance and follow-up of other professionals to assist in relaxation, breathing and emotional work.

People with genital dystopia should also not use the egg. "This problem causes the displacement of some organs of the woman, such as the bladder or uterus, to the vaginal canal where the stone would be introduced. If the woman suffers from this type of prolapse, the use of the it will be possible.It is important to treat this issue before and then ask for the release of a specialist, "the gynecologist warns.

Does not take into account the characteristics of the woman

In addition to not providing information on the time needed to use , the site informs that to introduce the crystal eggs into the vagina it is only necessary to "use your finger and not be discouraged", because the practice would come with the time of use.According to physiotherapist Monica, the guidelines for using crystal eggs are not enough to ensure that the product is used safely. "The accomplishment of the intimate gymnastics needs specialized accompaniment, it is necessary to make an evaluation of the person, since the exercises are personalized", completes

Method of the pompoarismo

There is a more safe technique, called pompoarismo, that uses movements of contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles as a way to improve sexual intercourse. In addition, it uses weights and vaginal cones to strengthen the region.

"When we recommend the use of a cone or vaginal weight we perform a health assessment of the woman and test weights of different grades so that a suitable model is used for the body of the woman, "says Monica.

Monica says that the maximum time of use of the weights and vaginal cones is 20 minutes. Otherwise it can happen to super activate the musculature of the place, causing that there is much tension to keep the weight suspended.

Study finds that mouthwashes are effective in treating bad breath

Study finds that mouthwashes are effective in treating bad breath

Half of all Americans complain of suffering from halitosis, also known as bad breath. There are many causes of bad breath, according to the American Dental Association. Some foods (garlic and onion, for example) contribute to the reprehensible mouth odor. People who do diets also develop unpleasant breaths from infrequent food.