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Cynthia lost 41.6 kg and transformed her life: "rejuvenated for 15 years"

Cynthia lost 41.6 kg and transformed her life:

Since September 2012 that Cíntia's life is no longer the same. In the streets, well-known people often pass by without saying "hello" because they do not recognize it anymore; in clothing stores, the biggest problem now is to have self-control to not spend beyond the account; at home, her husband is more jealous, she has become "a little boy" as she likes to say. All this because Cíntia considers herself a new woman since she eliminated 41.6 kg doing the reeducation diet of the online diet program Diet and Health. "I started the program wearing pants nº 52, and today I'm wearing nº 40. I always had the dream of wearing basic jeans with a belt, and now I've done it. For me it's an achievement and I've rejuvenated myself for 15 years, "he says. The woman who did not even know how much she weighed when she began to diet, because she was afraid of the scales, now she has the self-esteem in the heights, health in the day and much more knowledge about its choices and motivations. "It was not just my body that changed, I changed my relationship with food."

In addition to weight, what were the main changes in your life?

Before and after Cynthia's weight loss

A: A lot has changed. First of all it was my acceptance, I love looking in the mirror and seeing that behind a lot of pounds there was a beautiful young woman. My health is perfect, I no longer have hypertension and my cholesterol and triglycerides are controlled, health is up to date. Now I have a husband who is more attached to me. Of course, this was not only because I became a new woman, because some of his change factors were also essential, but I feel that he is very proud to go out with me, to see me proving a new outfit, to produce myself to get out. I listen to him every day that I look beautiful. It's all very good. I love going out to buy clothes, a pity that I have to take care not to turn it into a compulsion. Now everything fits!

What is your story with diets and overweight?

A: When I was younger an endocrinologist prescribed me medicine, amfepramone, to lose weight. I got on well with the medication and found the maximum weight loss 18kg in 2 months. I thought so, eat for what, if I can be happy taking medicine and getting thin? Until in another consultation my medicine has been replaced by another, subtract it. I had very bad side effects, like shivers all over my body. Due to the lack of adaptation, I left the medication, the doctor and the physical activities. Since there was no food re-education in the weight loss process, I had the pleasure of having a pizza round-the-clock lunch, eating chocolates, desserts, salgadinhos, frituras, and a myriad of other temptations of restaurants per kilo in São Paulo. Result: I gained about 30 kg. Then I found the shakes an ally to lose some of the excess weight. I managed to lose some weight for my wedding. With 28 days of marriage, my husband was transferred to Porto Alegre to work, and stayed there for 11 months. I went into depression, I found in the food an ally to satisfy me and to leave the sadness aside. He came back and things changed, we had that? of life under the same roof, and perhaps to see the relationship unraveling, I stopped taking care of myself and from there even though I stuck my foot in the jackfruit, reaching the feared 116 kg in 1.76 m. He always thought that when he wanted to lose weight, he could. But he did not follow any diet. Sometimes I tried some Detox type regimens, I was starving, but I had no idea if I had any positive results or not, after all I was terrified of the scales and could not imagine how much I was weighing.How did you get to know the Diet and Health?

A: I heard from close people who were using the program. During lunch with my superintendent director, she commented with me and a friend about the Diet and Health. At the time I did not pay much attention, but she gave me an e-mail with the page link. I looked, I found it cool, I made the physical evaluation thinking I was weighing 103kg. I had no idea! Until I made the decision to become a subscriber on August 31, 2012. However, I only started using the program on September 10 after my birthday and September 7.

What is the main experience or learning that Did the Diet and Health provide you?

A: The main learning is that you do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. I learned to feed myself properly, I love the textures of fruits, vegetables, the sourness of some vegetables. Through the recipes I have known some foods, such as quinoa and soy protein. I reduced the consumption of red meat and I love eating fish. I kept feeding myself every 3 hours and learned to taste the food. To accompany me, my husband began to consume whole foods, which he hated before. He also consumes daily fruits and vegetables. I was able to transform our food and our life for the better. Sometimes we walk together on weekends. Although slim, he understands perfectly the need to live a healthy life. I know that food re-education is forever, now that I have reached my goal I end up consuming some more caloric foods only on weekends, but I am aware that on Monday I need to be strong and strong in re-education.

How was your experience with the site since the first contact?

A: I found everything very accessible, I loved finding all the food, finding recipes. I found everything very dynamic and easy to use. I had no problem using the tools available. I believe that like any beginning, until we pick up the pace and get used to the tools, it can seem a little overwhelming. But as the days go by you get used to it and understand that it is essential to control all the power through the dot counter. I got to know the other tools, the counter of exercises, the recipes, I also loved to follow my evolution through the graphics, to follow if my food was correct through the little faces, until I started to use the blog and from there I never left again! What tools do you use?

A: The tool I use most is the dot counter, being the main tool of the site for me. I also love to create recipes using the link? My items? and also to register new products that are not already on the site. I use the exercise points counter, very useful to evaluate if the chosen physical activity brings a significant return by the number of points consumed. Access the recipe link a lot, though I also love creating my own. One tool that I think is essential on the site is the blog, I met many friends there, who left a little bit of the virtual universe and are becoming real in my life. I love sharing my results, my income, and visiting subscribers' websites. I find a wonderful and essential exchange of experience to strengthen our psychological during the reeducation period. Through the posts, from the comments we received, we gained a psychological basis to follow through to the end of the program.

What Diet and Health Meant for You and Your Weight Loss?

A: The Diet and Health was Essential in my weight loss process. From the moment I made my signature, I found in him an ally to move on. I could not imagine without him to achieve my goal of 41.6kg eliminated. The involvement that the site provides is very large, but of course you have to be determined to change your life and lose weight. The site alone does not work miracles, you have to want to. But the basis we have and tools available are essential to the process. Following the steps of the program and with a hint of disposition, you get to the promised! Today I see that I can no longer feed myself the way I fed before, if at any event with the family on the weekend I end up eating some besteirinhas, I think I'll soon get back to the normal routine on Monday.What were the main obstacles you faced during weight loss?

A: I did not have many obstacles, because when I decided to sign the Diet and Health I knew that the road would be long but that, persistently, I could get there. I heard lots of jokes from work friends when they saw me counting stitches and pausing for snacks between meals. One of them once told me that it would be impossible for me one day to be a thin person as I wished. And today I'm reaping all those pleasures I've always wanted. And the jokes are over, some of them are also doing food re-education. I have always shared these moments with blog subscribers, who helped me overcome all difficulties. I also went through the holiday period, I think that was the worst difficulty, after the trip with the family vacation to Argentina. I knew I could not properly control my eating during this time. But I learned in the Diet and Health that if today you fall, tomorrow you start again. This is food re-education. And all this is for our life. And that's what I did. I have not had many neuras and I have trusted myself, I have always been very disciplined and today I am reaping the fruits of a healthy life. I'm very happy!

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