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Diet and Health: application has 4 programs ideal for those who want to lose

Diet and Health: application has 4 programs ideal for those who want to lose

To lose weight by eating everything is possible, yes. The proof of this is the success of the Diet and Health application. With it, over 1.6 million people have already lost many and many unwanted pounds and have regained their health self-esteem.

You may be wondering what the magic, right? The secret of Diet and Health is a consistent program of food re-education coupled with various mechanisms that help you stay firm in the goal of losing weight and gaining health. Among these tools, the team of DS practitioners is critical: application subscribers rely on nutritionists and psychologists to help them overcome all the obstacles of the weight loss process.

Diet and Health Application - Photo: Disclosure / Diet and Health

The users themselves are another force of the Diet and Health. They often exchange experiences through the blog available for this interaction and mutual help. No one has their anguishes - or even victories - ignored. This support is central to the success of dietary re-education.

And that is precisely what you will learn from the application: to eat properly to have a long and healthy weight loss. The Diet and Health has as one of its pillars the Diet of Points. The application counts the points of each food considering quantity, calories and nutritional quality. When you register, you will receive an evaluation that shows how many points you should consume daily during the weight loss process.

From that moment, each person will be able to choose and set up their menu. Because the Points Diet is not restrictive, you choose what you want to eat. However, the application will help re-education by bringing healthier choices and rewarding those choices. For example: when you eat white rice, the application will suggest the exchange for the full version of the food, which is much healthier. With these small changes, the user undergoes a gradual, non-trauma reeducation program.

Want to lose weight by eating everything and, moreover, undergoing efficient and lasting food re-education? Below you will find all the available Diet and Health plans:

Weight by counting the points

The user who opts for the free version of Diet and Health will have access to Diário de Pontos, which is where he writes down what he eats and learns how many points he consumed during that meal. These points are very important because they are part of the daily quota that the application determined in each person's registry.

In addition, he can add the exercises he did and earn more points to consume on the same day. The user will also have access to the water cup counter he took that day and the Diet and Health community where he can share his experience with others.

VIP Nutrition Support

The VIP Plan has all the benefits but it brings more functionality to the user. With this plan, he will have access to the healthy faces that appear at the top of the screen. They are great friends of those who want to lose weight as they help to balance the diet with recommendations of portions of each food group, such as vegetables, leaves, cereals, roots and beans.

The VIP plan also allows the user to receive suggestions of menu for the meals of the day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Another important benefit is that you can chat with Diet and Health experts. Nutritionists and psychologists help you with your questions and teach you how to overcome problems you may encounter during weight loss.Specialized help to stay motivated

The Meetings Plan brings the benefits of VIP and more: the user has access to live meetings with DS specialists. These meetings are held from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

You will be able to choose the best way to communicate: chat, audio and webcam are at your disposal to use in the meetings.

You will be able to choose the best way to communicate:

The user can also participate in special meetings with guests of the Diet and Health team and with consultants who can help and answer any questions.

Home fitness training

Diet and Health Application - Photo: Divulga / Diet and Health

The Fitness Plan is the most comprehensive of all. By signing this option, the user has access to all the tools of the application: Diary of Points, inclusion of exercises to add points to be consumed, count of glasses of water, access to the DS community, help of the healthy faces to balance the dish, recommendations of menus every day, chat with the experts and also live meetings with them, with special guests and with the consultants.

The differential of the plan is precisely the fitness area that the application makes available for the user to do physical activities at home. Among the options, you will find HIIT beginner and workout training to get a more defined belly in 7 minutes daily. No more excuses: With the Fitness plan, all the planning for an effective workout will be on your cell phone screen!

Do you want to lose weight with the help of Diet and Health? Click here and sign one of the plans available.

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