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Diet is important as much as exercises for overweight pregnant women

Diet is important as much as exercises for overweight pregnant women

British research reveals that eating a balanced diet is even more effective than physical exercise for overweight women not to gain too much weight during pregnancy. The study was based on 44 studies with data from more than 7,000 women and was published in the British Medical Journal.

Previously, the British health system recommended that pregnant women not be on a diet as this could harm the baby. The researchers compared pregnant women who adopted a balanced diet with two groups: one with mothers who practiced physical exercise and another with women who combined diet and exercise. physical activity. The women were analyzed for the weight they gained during pregnancy and if they suffered complications.

All methods collaborated to avoid weight gain in pregnant women, but the most effective was the calorically restricted diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Pregnant women who did only diet gained an average of four kilograms less than pregnant women who did not avoid gaining weight, compared to 0.7 kilos of those who did physical activities and 1 kilo of those who combined the two. the practice of exercise should not be discarded from the routine of the pregnant woman. Women's health experts at St Thomas Hospital in London said it was too early to change the current guidelines for the British health system.

Pregnancy and obesity

One of the most common fears of pregnant women is gaining too much weight during gestation and, even worse, keep the extra pounds after childbirth. To avoid the problem, the orthopedist. Ricardo Cury, from the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics, and nutritionist Mariana Del Bosco Rodrigues, from Abeso (Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome), advise women who do not want to gain weight during pregnancy. "It's important to be deterred from thinking that you have to eat for two," says Mariana. Rising from nine to 12 pounds is normal. Gaining too much weight can be bad for both the mother and the baby.

And nothing to stop the gym. "Just adapt the exercises to your new condition," says Cury. He explains that the pregnant can even do bodybuilding, for example, as long as it preserves the body from major impacts. Prefer light exercises, not to lose tone, and much stretching to maintain balance, which will be affected with the new weight on the belly, favoring spinal problems. Next, check out 10 tips that this pair of professionals advises expectant moms to spend the past nine months wasting health.

1. Try to feed every 3 hours

2. Beware of dietary foods and excess sweeteners. They contain chemicals. Talk to your doctor about

  • 3. Avoid foods that contain too much fat, such as sour cream and some types of red meats and sausages
  • 4. Cut the fries and breadcrumbs during the nine months. These foods will only make you fat because they have a type of fat that is not used either by your body or by your baby's
  • 5. Whole grains are excellent sources of B vitamins, essential for minimizing discomfort with nausea
  • 6. It consumes calcium (milk and milk products), a mineral that determines the bone health of the mother
  • 7. Do not forget the iron (meat, grains) to avoid anemia
  • 8. Include in your diet foods rich in folic acid (dark green leaves) as it ensures the formation of the baby's
  • 9 neural tube. Eat a fish fillet, chicken or lean meat every day. In addition to providing a sense of satiety, these foods ensure enough protein for the baby and still help give elasticity to your skin, avoiding stretch marks
  • 10. Take your meals with ease, not in a hurry to swallow food. This facilitates your digestion and prevents you from eating more than your hunger demands actually demands.

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