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Doctors take down the top 12 health myths

Doctors take down the top 12 health myths

Does barefoot cause flu and cold? Does alcohol cut the effect of the antibiotic? Does Cellphone Cause Cancer? Trusted physicians tell us the biggest beliefs they hear in clinics and reveal the truth about them. See what they are:

Cold drink causes pneumonia or sore throat

You've probably heard from your mother, "do not take ice cream that you will get a sore throat." Well, be aware that cold drinks (or ice cream) do not cause sore throat, pneumonia or flu. "It has nothing to do with these problems caused by viruses or bacteria," said Alfredo Salim Helito, MD, general practitioner at the Sírio Libanês Hospital. Some clinical conditions that can be triggered due to cold are: sinusitis and asthma, both respiratory diseases, and even urticaria from exposure to low temperatures.

Sleep after eating cause indigestion

It's a myth! "On the contrary, the less activities a person does after meals, the more the body manages to perform a good digestion," explains general practitioner Abrão José Cury Junior, president of the scientific department of Medical Clinic of the Paulista Association of Medicine. "Sickness even helps improve the quality of life," says the expert.

Water with sugar calms the nerves

Water with sugar, unfortunately, does not serve as a natural tranquilizer. "And it still does not provide any health benefits," says general practitioner Alfredo Salim Helito of the Sírio Libanês Hospital. When ingested, sugar turns into energy for the body without any sedative effect. The sensation of calm can occur if one always resorts to sweets in times of anxiety and nervousness and feels better after that, but that would be a psychological effect and not water with sugar itself.

It takes 8 hours to sleep

Another myth toppled, now you can sleep peacefully. "There are people who need less than eight hours, while there are those who need more than 8 hours," says general practitioner Bertha Furlan Polegato, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu (Unesp) .See the benefits of a good night's sleep here.

Barefoot walking causes flu

It's a myth! Walking barefoot does not increase the risk of a person having flu, much less pneumonia. "The causes of these diseases are viruses and bacteria, so there is no relation," says general practitioner and infectologist Paulo Olzon, a professor at the Department of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

Bathing after eating is bad

One more popular belief overturned. "The problem is going to the sauna after eating, because this leads to vasodilation and the person gets low pressure. The exercises are also not oriented, because the body needs to focus on digestion," says Abrão José Cury Junior.

Taking cold air warps the mouth

The idea that getting a burst of icy air when we leave a warmer environment, such as a bath, can bend the mouth is also false. The legend is that the heat shock, like getting out of the hot bath and opening the refrigerator, would lead to this paralysis. Among the real causes of facial paralysis we have: infection or inflammation of the facial nerve, head trauma, infarction, problems of the facial nerve. diabetes, Lyme disease, Guillain-Barré and Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.

There are "miracle" substances

Cancer pill, tea that treats diabetes, tea that slims ... People love to choose substances able to resolve health issues quickly. "The truth is that there are no miracles to solve health problems, but proven treatments and changes in habits," warns Bertha Furlan Polegato.Cellular causes brain tumor

Frequent use of the cell phone is not able to cause brain tumor, at least is what is known so far on the subject. Many people believe that the radiation emitted by cell phones could lead to cancer. "There is nothing scientifically proven as it has also never been proven that the cell near the heart can cause arrhythmia," says Alfredo Salim Helito.

Reading in darker places impairs vision

Reading in darker environments will not harm your vision (but it will not make it easier to read, that is). "You do not lose sight of it," says Paulo Olzon. The only thing that can happen is that the person has difficulty seeing because of the low light, but even if it 'squeezes' the eyes the vision will not be affected. Watching television also does not detract from vision. See how to protect the health of your eyes here.

Microwave causes cancer

"Warming food in the microwave or even standing in front of the microwave has no relation to cancer "This is a myth, the microwave does not increase the risk of cancer," explains Paulo Olzon. There are no studies that prove this, especially since what makes the food warm is nothing more, nothing less than water. The homemade microwave can only operate at a certain frequency, at 2450 megahertz. How it works: In a water molecule that has the positive and the negative, the microwaves cause the (water) molecule to vibrate. And it is this mechanism that produces heat and heats the food. Learn more about the myths and truths about the microwaves here.

Alcohol cuts the effect of antibiotics

Mixing alcoholic beverages and antibiotics can cut off the effect of the drug? No! "This is a myth. Of course, if a person is sick, it is better to protect themselves and avoid alcohol, but that does not mean that if they drink, they will have major health problems," explains Alfredo Salim Helito. cutting the effect of most antibiotics it is still essential to avoid their consumption during treatment. "If the person is sick, he has an infection and his immune system is compromised. Alcohol consumption would further harm this immune system," says general practitioner Abrão José Cury Junior, president of the scientific department of Clinical Medicine of the Paulista Association of Medicine.

Abrão José Cury Junior complements. "Alcohol will not cut the effect of the antibiotic. What may happen in some cases is that the drink causes the person to eliminate the antibiotic from the body more quickly because some antibiotics stimulate the individual to urinate more and alcohol also has this action" , notes.

According to the National Health Service of England, it is difficult for alcohol consumption in moderation to cause health problems if one is taking the common antibiotics.

However, they warn that two specific antibiotics should not be consumed along with alcoholic beverages. They are:

Metronidazole: an antibiotic used for dental and vaginal infections and for leg ulcers

Tinidazole: an antibiotic used to treat the same infections as Metronidazole. In addition to helping fight the H. pylori bacteria that can cause stomach problems.

Alcohol can cause serious reactions when combined with Metronidazole and Tinidazole. Some of these complications are: shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, fast heartbeat or cardiac arrhythmia, nausea and vomiting.

Scarlett: animation was inspired by girl who won the cancer

Scarlett: animation was inspired by girl who won the cancer

The animation Scarlett, based on the fight of the little girl Scarlett Aida Rivero Osejo, de 6, born in Miami, USA, is moving the internet. The girl was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma 3 years ago and lost her right leg during the treatment, since the tumor had already damaged the limb. Currently the girl has her second prosthetic leg.


Cell problems can be the cause of excessive tiredness and even diabetes

Cell problems can be the cause of excessive tiredness and even diabetes

Mitochondrial disease or dysfunction is a problem of energy production. Almost every cell in the body has one or more mitochondria, small "power plants" that produce the essential energy for the body. They are small organs (organelles) located within the cytoplasm of the cell, which produce their own genetic material - mitochondrial DNA.