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Does Graviola Cure Cancer? Benefits and How to Use

Does Graviola Cure Cancer? Benefits and How to Use

Graviola (Annona muricata) is a plant native to the Antilles. It is large, has an oval shape and a pale green bark with pimples. It has white, bittersweet flavor. Its consumption was initially only food. However, results from scientific studies have largely proved their medicinal properties, being used in other ways than the consumption of fresh fruit.

It is a low calorie fruit, containing 62 calories per 100 g of fruit, according to the Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO, 2011). It has 0,8g of protein / 100g, being a good contribution, compared to other fruits. It is an important source of carbohydrate, presenting 1.9g / 100g of dietary fiber. The graviola stands out as a fruit source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, in addition to having vitamins B1, B2, B6. By its composition, this fruit is also reported as a coadjuvant for weight loss, mainly due to its low caloric content and the presence of fibers, which provide greater satiety.

It has phytochemicals in various parts of the plant (such as leaves and fruit ), and may be highlighted: acetogenin, isoquinoline alkaloid lactones, tannins, coumarins, procyanidins, flavonoids, stearic acid, ellagic acid; phytosterols (beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol) and gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA). By the presence of these antioxidant compounds, it can be said that soursop has an anti-aging effect, helping against premature aging.

Graviola Benefits

Graviola has several benefits in the scientific literature. See some of them:

Protects the heart

The fruit has a hypotensive property, by peripheral mechanisms involving calcium antagonism - which is good for people with high blood pressure; vasodilator property, antispasmodic (relaxes smooth muscle), and even helps slow the heart rate, because of its sedative property.

Anti-inflammatory potential

The anti-inflammatory property of fruit extract studied in recent scientific research appears to be related to the inhibition of inflammatory mediators of the organism. Some antifungal properties may favor the treatment of arthritis, swelling and joint pain.

More benefits

Some studies also establish as properties of soursop: antibacterial and antifungal (which may aid in the treatment of acnes, The effect of protection against cancer has been demonstrated by some investigations and studies (see, for example, the use of the anti-cancer drug). , having cellular protection properties (antimutagenic) and being effective against multiresistant cancer cells. This property may be related to the potent antioxidant compounds present in soursop, such as acetogenin.

How to consume soursop People with diabetes can consume soursop as it is rich in fiber, which aid in the slower absorption of glucose (sugar) by the body, helping to control their blood levels. However, as with the consumption of any fruit, diabetics should pay attention to the quantity and times of consumption.

Graviola can be consumed in natura, in the form of juices, capsules and also beneficial effects of tea graviola, from the infusion of its leaves. However, it is important the guidance of a professional regarding the amount to be consumed daily, both tea and capsule. The best option is the consumption of the fruit in natura, mainly because in this case the fibers are preserved, which offers a greater satiety. The recommended amount would be ½ unit average, equivalent to one serving of fruit.

Contraindications of graviola

It is contraindicated for individuals with mumps, canker sores or mouth sores due to their acidity. Hypotensive individuals should be careful in consuming the sedative and soothing properties of the fruit.

The most important thing is to get in touch with a nutritionist, as each individual has a different biochemical specificity and sensitivity to each food.

Cocoa powder guarantees better cardiovascular health

Cocoa powder guarantees better cardiovascular health

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Anvisa suspends the sale of lots of paçoca because it contains carcinogenic substances

Anvisa suspends the sale of lots of paçoca because it contains carcinogenic substances

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) suspended, on Wednesday (17), the commercialization and distribution of seven lots of paix of the brand Dicel. According to the agency, the products exceed the permitted limit of aflatoxins, toxic substances produced by fungi that can cause cancer. The measure is valid for all national territory and applies to lots 0042, 0029, 0040, 0026, 0023, 0092 and 0024 of the Peanut Jam.